Full Pink Moon April 19, 2019

Full Pink Moon

April 19, 2019 @ 4:12am PST


The tender blades of grass peek through and greet the morning sun as plump mushrooms brave the frost cast over the rich brown earth with their tan crowns stretching towards heaven. Spring has awoken the forest under this full “pink” moon. The pink ground phlox or moss pink flowers are the first to burst forth and what calls us to this Pink Moon. Native Tribes also call this the Fish Moon.

Best to view it on the night of the 18th where it will be near its fullness and shine brightly in the sky.  April’s full moon could bring frost, so don’t plant the temperamental seedlings or bare root fruit trees just yet or cover those fragile plants and shrubs. If the moon is pale expect rain. Great time to weed, trim, hedge or cut your hair or beard. It is also known as the Fish moon as the name implies – great time for fishing – especially when the temperature is mid 50’s in the hours before sunrise and sunset.

“I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING.” Socratic Paradox

“Many other human belief systems start off with the assumption that the answer is already known. In science, it’s precisely the opposite. We start out admitting to not knowing the answer.” Jim Gates, Prof. of Physics, UOM, National Medal of Science Winner

What was once a pagan celebration of renewal represents the coming of spring, light, melting snow, coming of the rains, growth and rebirth.  Then became a Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection over death. Now this full moon and time involves magical rabbits, colored eggs and pastel dresses shared with over-indulgences of ham or lamb and chocolate, a representation that means nothing of the season

So if you haven’t bowed in devotion to Mother Earth as your feet stand upon her daily, planted a seed or stood in humility at the stations of the cross (applied to your own inequities) where can you now take action and ARISE? Overcome any tendency to be lazy or selfish. Overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image with patience, perseverance, passion and hard work.

The point being – have you taken responsibility and accountability?  ARISE from that which challenges you and become ENGAGED in the communion of change. Get off your “white privilege” and engage in the various marches for reconciliation, redemption, restitution – be uncomfortable, get impassioned and active in the fires of change. Get out and stand with your community as it moves in the many marches of change – for civil rights, Indigenous rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, children’s growing up in a world with healthy food and clean water, Global health and Nature healing networks, rights to free education – those that are marching for safer communities, human rights, voting rights for all, clean water, clean air, safer schools, governments and corporations that are accountable to those they govern and take from, preserving and restoring our wild spaces from toxic extractive greed, freedom from civilian imprisonment. Stop the hostile speech that promotes racist and xenophobic harassment across our country and throughout the world.

TIME FOR CHANGE – Temper the excitement for change efficiently and in grounded productivity – and switch it up, use your restlessness and impulsiveness to dig into the tempo of life – start a new expedition, learn a new language or incorporate short trips or new ways of doing your tasks of the day. Keep the highest of standards in your actions and communications right now to avoid humiliation or disparagement; instead focus on your inner calm and stress balance actively creating this to your relationships. Maybe it’s a better time to listen more than talk and avoid pushing any agenda if you face resistance. This full moon gives us an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. Excellent time for making a new start, turning over a new leaf or starting a new project.

Compromise to keep the peace. Do whatever you need to do to sit overconfident pride and arrogance down – open your mind where you may be ignorant to an issue and approach with an attitude of humility. Look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you.  As always during the weeks surrounding a full moon accounts for our sensitive to moods and behaviors. Ask yourself:

  • How can I take action with that which frustrates me?
  • What would I like to do to let off steam?
  • How can I positively channel my impulsive behavior?
  • What skills can I better my performance on?
  • What steps can I take to improve my physical health?
  • When your oblivious child comes forth choose instead to look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you.

Job & Business: Patience, self-control, adaptability – all will help you take advantage of the new opportunities as they arise from the changing conditions ahead of you. Make plans, studying, business negotiations and applying for work. Take time out to relax if the hectic pace leaves you feeling rushed or confused. One of the best times of the year for making money, promoting of yourself or your business, and increasing wealth. With business or difficulties don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid unnecessary risks or rebel against what you feel restrains you. Being aggressive and reactive may follow with conflict and possible danger to your bottom line or your reputation. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to changing situations. Be like a tick on a dog in mindfulness with overconfidence and arrogance. Rational thinking and a convincing communication style makes this a great time for asking favors, negotiations, bargains, or convincing others to promote your ideas. Be willing to put in the hard work to get the monetary and business success you desire. Good time to start a new job or business.

Relationships & Family: Unexpected things and unpredictable activities could add tension in relationships. The full moon emphasizes relationship differences especially where it comes to affection and emotional support. So take that extra time to organize or tidy up to avoid relationship upsets or emotional turmoil. Take the time for you to experience your freedom and nourish yourself. The amount of love received often, especially during a full moon is not the same as the amount expended.

Make certain your need for independence doesn’t get overlooked and strongly disrupt what is important to you. Good time to deal with infidelity, addiction or health – mindful that if unchecked this river will flood into many other aspects of your life. Showing restraint and getting yourself in check will progressively ease any unforeseen challenges from interfering in relationships or your life. Look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you. Compromise and love will help you restore calm and balance.

Perfect time to engage in pleasant conversations and positive contributions as you converse with your world. A good time to make a first impression so others will want to listen to you. Be willing to work harder to get the results in relationships, monetarily and for your health or wellbeing.

If you are single – Don’t lower your standards just to satisfy your needs. This full moon is the best time of the year for dating. Overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image with patience, perseverance, passion and hard work. Move forward with what you have in mind (and in your heart) and give it your best shot. Compromise and love will help you restore calm and balance.

Money & Finance: Avoid going into debt or spending money on unnecessary items.  This full moon gives you opportunities for honor, wealth, promotion and business success. So overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt, poor self-image with patience perseverance and hard work. Time for fine-tuning or completion of goals. Its harvest time so make adjustments and reel in the big fish. Don’t be rushed into making important decisions think it through and take the time to research to make sound purchases. This is one of the best times of the year for making wealth andgreat time for asking favors, negotiations, bargains, or modest self-promotion.

Good to break free from bad financial investments and show restraint while creatively changing to a more diverse portfolio. Don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid unnecessary risks or rebel against financial restraint. Deal with any fear, pessimism or self-doubt before taking pulling out the money clip. Temper yourself with balancing the accounts and being aggressive and reactive may follow with conflict and possible danger to your bottom line. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to changing market situations.

In conclusion: Temper your ego. Think before you act. Be flexible while you engage with your community – seeking communion with like-minded individuals and groups.  Take Action. Don’t say – DO. Look within rather than blame others. Make a positive contribution or stay quiet. Listen rather than speak. Bring peace rather than conflict. Together we are strong and easily fix what no longer works. Take time to center as you change it up and stay static in your life. Don’t overspend – if you have overspent clean it up. Find what brings you joy and immerse yourself whenever possible. Give of yourself rather than take. Demand our governments, corporations, institutions and society respond in actions for our health, well being and sovereignty for all in a socially just future. Give love and participate in human kindness. Compromise and love will help restore the balance.

How to End violence

Nothing about last week was normal, my heart goes out to our Muslim brothers, sisters & children whose lives were taken and the families that were deeply impacted by hate.

Another act of Terrorism – it’s disastrous that we even have a statistic:

The majority of mass shootings are carried out by white males aged 25 – 64 y/o;

Whether it’s in Sutherland Springs, TX, Las Vegas, NV or Christchurch, NZ. It is heinous and must end.

Please grab anyone you know and take a stand to do whatever is in your power to end the racism and violence. Don’t be desensitized by the repeated media and constant vile policies allowed by our government and this administration here in the U.S. or any other country.

See these situations end and as you view the children, women and people – those affected by this as healed, healthy and whole again. Empowered in their lives again.

You can support the victims and survivors of the detestable Mosque massacres in Christchurch, NZ and also here in the U.S.

Please donate @ www.victimsupport.org.nz (**always vet organizations before you donate).

If you don’t have the funds to donate then volunteer at any local non-violent event. There is an abundance of organization’s worldwide whose sole purpose is to end hate/violence on Gaia.

Find a way to call yourself and those you love into action. Through finding within you and others: tolerance, kindness, gentleness & forgiveness.

Let’s join together – It’s our responsibility to take actions for greater Unity, Peace & Harmony.

“The world will continue to change dramatically but fighting & war can destroy us utterly.

What we need now are the techniques of Harmony. The Art of Peace is required.” Morihei Ueshiba – founder of Aikido