What is Rebirthing?

Circular breathing rhythm and practice to increase vitality, release past life blockages or traumas that interfere in your attainment of success from utero/birth to present.  Also done buoyant in bath, hot tub or body of water to further initiate deeper release and increase presence from pre-birth or in-utero states.

Why would I want to rebirth? 

Many attitudes, patterns and pathways are developed in utero and during the birth process that are the direct result of your totality and that of your parents/genetics and that which surrounds you in utero and throughout the birthing process. If you are seeing a repeated pattern within your life that you, no matter how much you apply can’t seem to get beyond. This pattern may have been developed during this period of your life and can be recognized, altered and moved beyond. The circular breathing in practice with a qualified practitioner assists to release these blockages.

How long will it take?

Each session takes 90 minutes and depends on your ability to presence yourself and breath. Cost: $75 for dry Rebirth, $200 for water Rebirth. Suggest starting with one session, then if you go into a series of 10 – 20 discounts applied accordingly.

I have over 1000 hrs. of success re-birthing clients world wide.

Trained by:

Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and many others including Fredic Lehrman, Phil Laut – all of whom have large bodies of published work and are Pioneer’s and Leader’s in Spiritual self mastery discussing various subjects:

Leonard Orr – Breathing, Immortality, The Money Seminar

Sondra Ray- The Power, Loving Relationships, The Only Diet there Is

Fredric Lehrman – Prosperity Consciousness & Loving the Earth: A Sacred Landscape Book for Children

Phil Laut – Money is My Friend