New Moon 5.4.2019

Committed, Powerful, Transformational

I sit on my knees digging the rich brown earth, cool and moist, my fingertips kiss the dew – I tussle and shake at the roots, tenderly gather spindles and seeds to stop any propagation. The sun heats up and warms my skin, the wind thick with scent of prescribed burns – whispers to my lungs – “summer is going to be a dry one”.  Such is the promise of this new moon – Blissful spring has come and already – prolific with bugs underfoot they dance as the impatient breeze surrounds – dig deep, root it out and plan for the future.

A new moon is a beginning period or a time to wrap things up. The next two weeks are a good time to dig holes, prune trees/bushes and get rid of pests in the garden or home, cut your lawn, hair or beard to increase growth. Organize your home, office and your life. Fish are jumpin’ 12, 13, 15 and best the morning of 16th.

Under the soft unseen energy of this new moon brings greater focus: on beauty, creativity, joy and more love into your life. It is powerful and brings with it more push than pause. A moon for going deeper and rising to what you desire your life to be.

It is one of the most positive beautifully active new moons of the past seasons. Use it to break out of stagnation and indulge in your physical surroundings, prosperity and foreseeable luxury as you find pleasure simply being in your body. Focus on making changes by conveying clarity and a deep appreciation for all that you value in your life.

Relationships & Family: Great time for fun and sensuality. Add play to your relationship. Play fuels you so you contribute more creativity, passion and joyful energy for your partner and family. Yielding – indulge in pleasure, sensuality and beauty. Great time for fun! This new moon’s energy is calling and supporting you to clear out and reexamine your day to day routines. Begin a cleansing diet, change up your exercise routine, or getting rid of unwanted things. Spring into cleaning your workspace, upgrade the playroom, redesign home or expand the garden?

Throw a backyard/block scavenger hunt, baseball/bag toss/three legged race barbecue, face painting/sidewalk art picnic in the park. Donate toys, food and clothes as a family at a yard sale, neighborhood shelter or local church with giving spirit. Have fun – a family that plays together, stays together.

Singles: A moon for going deeper and rising to what you desire your life to be. It is one of the most positive beautifully active new moons of the past seasons. Use it to break out of stagnation and indulge in your physical surroundings, prosperity and foreseeable luxury as you find pleasure simply being in your body. Get out there, invite someone you don’t know to coffee, for a walk, to a flower show – take a risk, see how intimately you can get to know their interests, goals and desires – (sans phone/electronics) – if timid bring a friend. Share a movie or book with someone you wouldn’t usually be interested in. Zoosh it up – and I’m not talking about suns out guns out, makeup or glam. Engage the senses with finger painting, foodie class, take a walk to smell flowers or forest, shells on a beach, jump naked in the creek and give it your all. Fresh, fresh, fresh.

Job & Business: Start a new job – Shake up the one you have. Commit to take steps to invigorate your business dream! Take actions towards energized goals. Relax and let your staff, business respond artistically and creatively, as this stable new moon gives you the opportunity to spark ideas that initiate fresh actions in your life.

It’s time to get colorful, playful and creative – Life is meant to be tasted, indulged within and explored. Focus on making changes by conveying clarity and a deep appreciation for all that you value in your life. Reviewing where it is you have grown and what has given you strength affords you the motivation needed to work through the more knotty areas of your life.

It is also a fantastic time to reveal, assess and reflect on the quality of your life. Like beginning a cleansing diet, changing up your exercise routine, or getting rid of unwanted things or spring into cleaning your workspace home or garden. This new moon’s energy is calling and supporting you to clear out and reexamine your workday and routines.

Create healthy habits which begin to balance work and play.  Your work helps you thrive and gives you a purpose that you add to society and in exchange for monetary success. Play is for your enjoyment!  It gives you creativity, ignites your passion and beckons you break free! Play fuels you so you contribute more creativity, passion and joyful energy for yourself, your family and work.

Money & Finances: Take stock of your assets, income, expenses, reduce your debts and save for your bigger goals. Spend only on what is important to you and save for future purchases.  Re-prioritize your stocks, CD’s or re-assess your Retirement plan. Invest in renewable energy, assess solid real estate, now is a great time to make well researched investments into innovative sustainable companies.

In Summary: This New Moon emboldens and entices you to add play to your everyday habits with zeal. Filled with more push than pause. Jump in and engage actions that summon going deeper and rising to what you desire your life to be.  

Demand that your relationships, family and job are balancing work with play. If you are feeling lost, off track or stifled or that you’re day to day is stringent or stale – dissect, re-organize and empower your new realizations. The perfect prescription is play. This can help stimulate a renewed sense of purpose, a sense of wonder, childlike awe and revive the energy in your life. Doing this will bring in a greater sense of purpose and transformative clarity for yourself and everyone around you!

Full Pink Moon April 19, 2019

Full Pink Moon

April 19, 2019 @ 4:12am PST


The tender blades of grass peek through and greet the morning sun as plump mushrooms brave the frost cast over the rich brown earth with their tan crowns stretching towards heaven. Spring has awoken the forest under this full “pink” moon. The pink ground phlox or moss pink flowers are the first to burst forth and what calls us to this Pink Moon. Native Tribes also call this the Fish Moon.

Best to view it on the night of the 18th where it will be near its fullness and shine brightly in the sky.  April’s full moon could bring frost, so don’t plant the temperamental seedlings or bare root fruit trees just yet or cover those fragile plants and shrubs. If the moon is pale expect rain. Great time to weed, trim, hedge or cut your hair or beard. It is also known as the Fish moon as the name implies – great time for fishing – especially when the temperature is mid 50’s in the hours before sunrise and sunset.

“I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING.” Socratic Paradox

“Many other human belief systems start off with the assumption that the answer is already known. In science, it’s precisely the opposite. We start out admitting to not knowing the answer.” Jim Gates, Prof. of Physics, UOM, National Medal of Science Winner

What was once a pagan celebration of renewal represents the coming of spring, light, melting snow, coming of the rains, growth and rebirth.  Then became a Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection over death. Now this full moon and time involves magical rabbits, colored eggs and pastel dresses shared with over-indulgences of ham or lamb and chocolate, a representation that means nothing of the season

So if you haven’t bowed in devotion to Mother Earth as your feet stand upon her daily, planted a seed or stood in humility at the stations of the cross (applied to your own inequities) where can you now take action and ARISE? Overcome any tendency to be lazy or selfish. Overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image with patience, perseverance, passion and hard work.

The point being – have you taken responsibility and accountability?  ARISE from that which challenges you and become ENGAGED in the communion of change. Get off your “white privilege” and engage in the various marches for reconciliation, redemption, restitution – be uncomfortable, get impassioned and active in the fires of change. Get out and stand with your community as it moves in the many marches of change – for civil rights, Indigenous rights, immigrant rights, women’s rights, children’s growing up in a world with healthy food and clean water, Global health and Nature healing networks, rights to free education – those that are marching for safer communities, human rights, voting rights for all, clean water, clean air, safer schools, governments and corporations that are accountable to those they govern and take from, preserving and restoring our wild spaces from toxic extractive greed, freedom from civilian imprisonment. Stop the hostile speech that promotes racist and xenophobic harassment across our country and throughout the world.

TIME FOR CHANGE – Temper the excitement for change efficiently and in grounded productivity – and switch it up, use your restlessness and impulsiveness to dig into the tempo of life – start a new expedition, learn a new language or incorporate short trips or new ways of doing your tasks of the day. Keep the highest of standards in your actions and communications right now to avoid humiliation or disparagement; instead focus on your inner calm and stress balance actively creating this to your relationships. Maybe it’s a better time to listen more than talk and avoid pushing any agenda if you face resistance. This full moon gives us an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. Excellent time for making a new start, turning over a new leaf or starting a new project.

Compromise to keep the peace. Do whatever you need to do to sit overconfident pride and arrogance down – open your mind where you may be ignorant to an issue and approach with an attitude of humility. Look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you.  As always during the weeks surrounding a full moon accounts for our sensitive to moods and behaviors. Ask yourself:

  • How can I take action with that which frustrates me?
  • What would I like to do to let off steam?
  • How can I positively channel my impulsive behavior?
  • What skills can I better my performance on?
  • What steps can I take to improve my physical health?
  • When your oblivious child comes forth choose instead to look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you.

Job & Business: Patience, self-control, adaptability – all will help you take advantage of the new opportunities as they arise from the changing conditions ahead of you. Make plans, studying, business negotiations and applying for work. Take time out to relax if the hectic pace leaves you feeling rushed or confused. One of the best times of the year for making money, promoting of yourself or your business, and increasing wealth. With business or difficulties don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid unnecessary risks or rebel against what you feel restrains you. Being aggressive and reactive may follow with conflict and possible danger to your bottom line or your reputation. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to changing situations. Be like a tick on a dog in mindfulness with overconfidence and arrogance. Rational thinking and a convincing communication style makes this a great time for asking favors, negotiations, bargains, or convincing others to promote your ideas. Be willing to put in the hard work to get the monetary and business success you desire. Good time to start a new job or business.

Relationships & Family: Unexpected things and unpredictable activities could add tension in relationships. The full moon emphasizes relationship differences especially where it comes to affection and emotional support. So take that extra time to organize or tidy up to avoid relationship upsets or emotional turmoil. Take the time for you to experience your freedom and nourish yourself. The amount of love received often, especially during a full moon is not the same as the amount expended.

Make certain your need for independence doesn’t get overlooked and strongly disrupt what is important to you. Good time to deal with infidelity, addiction or health – mindful that if unchecked this river will flood into many other aspects of your life. Showing restraint and getting yourself in check will progressively ease any unforeseen challenges from interfering in relationships or your life. Look deeply at issues within rather than blame those around you. Compromise and love will help you restore calm and balance.

Perfect time to engage in pleasant conversations and positive contributions as you converse with your world. A good time to make a first impression so others will want to listen to you. Be willing to work harder to get the results in relationships, monetarily and for your health or wellbeing.

If you are single – Don’t lower your standards just to satisfy your needs. This full moon is the best time of the year for dating. Overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image with patience, perseverance, passion and hard work. Move forward with what you have in mind (and in your heart) and give it your best shot. Compromise and love will help you restore calm and balance.

Money & Finance: Avoid going into debt or spending money on unnecessary items.  This full moon gives you opportunities for honor, wealth, promotion and business success. So overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt, poor self-image with patience perseverance and hard work. Time for fine-tuning or completion of goals. Its harvest time so make adjustments and reel in the big fish. Don’t be rushed into making important decisions think it through and take the time to research to make sound purchases. This is one of the best times of the year for making wealth andgreat time for asking favors, negotiations, bargains, or modest self-promotion.

Good to break free from bad financial investments and show restraint while creatively changing to a more diverse portfolio. Don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid unnecessary risks or rebel against financial restraint. Deal with any fear, pessimism or self-doubt before taking pulling out the money clip. Temper yourself with balancing the accounts and being aggressive and reactive may follow with conflict and possible danger to your bottom line. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to changing market situations.

In conclusion: Temper your ego. Think before you act. Be flexible while you engage with your community – seeking communion with like-minded individuals and groups.  Take Action. Don’t say – DO. Look within rather than blame others. Make a positive contribution or stay quiet. Listen rather than speak. Bring peace rather than conflict. Together we are strong and easily fix what no longer works. Take time to center as you change it up and stay static in your life. Don’t overspend – if you have overspent clean it up. Find what brings you joy and immerse yourself whenever possible. Give of yourself rather than take. Demand our governments, corporations, institutions and society respond in actions for our health, well being and sovereignty for all in a socially just future. Give love and participate in human kindness. Compromise and love will help restore the balance.

How to End violence

Nothing about last week was normal, my heart goes out to our Muslim brothers, sisters & children whose lives were taken and the families that were deeply impacted by hate.

Another act of Terrorism – it’s disastrous that we even have a statistic:

The majority of mass shootings are carried out by white males aged 25 – 64 y/o;

Whether it’s in Sutherland Springs, TX, Las Vegas, NV or Christchurch, NZ. It is heinous and must end.

Please grab anyone you know and take a stand to do whatever is in your power to end the racism and violence. Don’t be desensitized by the repeated media and constant vile policies allowed by our government and this administration here in the U.S. or any other country.

See these situations end and as you view the children, women and people – those affected by this as healed, healthy and whole again. Empowered in their lives again.

You can support the victims and survivors of the detestable Mosque massacres in Christchurch, NZ and also here in the U.S.

Please donate @ (**always vet organizations before you donate).

If you don’t have the funds to donate then volunteer at any local non-violent event. There is an abundance of organization’s worldwide whose sole purpose is to end hate/violence on Gaia.

Find a way to call yourself and those you love into action. Through finding within you and others: tolerance, kindness, gentleness & forgiveness.

Let’s join together – It’s our responsibility to take actions for greater Unity, Peace & Harmony.

“The world will continue to change dramatically but fighting & war can destroy us utterly.

What we need now are the techniques of Harmony. The Art of Peace is required.” Morihei Ueshiba – founder of Aikido

Full Worm Super Moon 3.20.2019

Full Worm Super Moon

Unearth Balance Results

As the wind dusts my cheek with the soft final flakes of snow, I finally see the pebbles appear beneath the rippling snow melt on the front walkway. Let’s begin by peering into the details of the brightest, closest and last super moon of 2019, a Full Worm super moon. Please make certain you take the time to eye the heavens as Luna shudders off in the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere or Fall Equinox of the Southern Hemisphere. You can see its brilliance two days before, or two days after if you have cloudy skies obscuring your view.

The Equinox being a time where the light of day and the dark of night are equalized. The lull of winter melts away into the earth and the worms turn the deep rich brown readying for seed. The bears awaken from their long hibernation and commence their unwieldy forage. It is the time to blossom into new beginnings!

This Full Worm Moon brings with it a desire for balance and the energy to implement solutions for greater harmony. It also provides you with that extra kick you’ll need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Relationships & Family: This moon gives us “Focus” and more specifically focus on relationships. It may motivate you to put more effort into your personal relationships, which could need a lot of TLC right now. It is finally time to face your life and relationships head on and take care of whatever imbalances that have been overloading the scales. Rather than cut people out of your life, maybe you are willing to simply reach out to them and address the status of your relationship. First truthfully evaluate your responsibilities within the relationship, then approach them in a calm, kind and progressive manner. This position may help you drive things into a healthier place.

Take some time to talk to those people and explain the ways in which their actions have affected your life? Maybe there is something that can be done to alter the relationship through clear communication and sincere honesty.  If you have already pinpointed a noxious relationship but you’ve been putting off cutting the strings – this full moon provides you all the encouragement you need to let go. So sit down and evaluate who helps you attain your highest self and who doesn’t. Time to release those personal relationships that aren’t working for your greatest attainment.

Once you have breathed the life back into the central relationships around you it is vital to shift your focus from “me” to “we”. Once that’s done you can easily open up some time for basic self-care or free flying passions.

Job & Business: Time to take the initiative and ask for that raise or advancement – making certain you have a detailed account of your improvements and projects to back up whatever increases you are asking for. This full moon is a good time to let go of that job that saps your productive essence. Take the risk to jump into the job you dreamed about and flex your ingenuity, creativity or inventive muscles in a new beginning.

It is an essential time to face business relationships and partnerships head on while you take care of whatever business disparities, discrepancies or inequalities that have been tipping the scales. Use simple diplomacy as you manage your negotiations while paying close attention to any details or stated timelines. Now is the time to let go of or relinquish those employees, clients or business partnerships that are not working toward your greatest business success. Initiate these conversations and communicate in a cool, compassionate and open-minded clear and honest way. Time to release those partnerships that are not working.

Be certain to clearly evaluate and take stock.  It is fundamental that you take care of your fiscal responsibilities and then advance your directive. It is a suitable occasion to advance employees or bring on partners who have been diligently showing initiative or to start a new product line. It is also a time to expand your sales force or invest in future projects for this tilling moon delivers that boost of inspiration, reinforcement and progress you may require. At the same time make certain to stay within your means and temper restraint within the parameters of your bottom line.

Money & Finance: Time to organize and manage your money and invest in the future. A slightly stronger market will make you want to spread your financial wings, yet temper your impulse to buy larger items. Instead put money away for a rainy day or for future endeavors. Mortgage rates are very low setting forth a great opportunity to refinance or begin looking into the purchase of that unique home, investment property or set forth plans for new expansion. Show restraint – don’t let the horses out to pasture all at once. Pay close attention to the specific details of agreements, contracts and interests then advance with certainty or hold off till you feel confident for future transactions.

In Conclusion: You will find the clarity to expose what has not been working and the confidence of focus to bring about the solutions and results you have been passionate for. This will last for the next few weeks. So, find the time to go inside and “feel out” your new strengths and your clearer vision of your bright future. Savor where you have found balance in your relationships with loved ones, friends, business partners and finances. Step up where you haven’t. Express gratitude and utilize kindness with those who’ve stood behind you through the storms.

The equalized light of day and dark of night open up a “window” in the momentum of time which gives us a special opportunity to go deeper into meditation, awaken our intuition and further realize our dreams and aspirations. Remember our ancient elders lived within the rhythm of the seasons. Some didn’t even have calendars or time pieces, they lived by the sunrise and sunset. So let yourself go as you take measured risks and step out boldly for your future!

New Worm Moon 3.6.2019

New Worm Moon


As the glistening cold settles and the green of spring’s buds begin peeking through their mantle of snow. This germinating Moon is one of emerging, discernment & excitement. As mentioned before a new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one thus availing you to improved physical, spiritual and enlightening opportunity.  So it’s a good time for making a fresh start, beginning a new project or making changes to your routine or life. This cultivating moon increases your sensitivity, intuition and empathy which can make you more affected by the thoughts and energies of people or the environment that surrounds you.  It is up to you to make it that a positive or negative experience. Be sure to set boundaries. Take the time to detail and solidify your intentions for the coming months as this moon is charmed towards attaining dreams. 

Luna propagates with a pronounced sensitivity that can provide you with openings to delve deeper into yourself for insightful self-evaluation and engage in change. You will find it satiating to absorb yourself in creative, artistic and in service to others in physical or spiritual endeavors. It would be wise to utilize this new moon to unleash your imagination and innovate productively as this new burst of energy insights the initiative to change. In the everyday world, you may struggle to know what is real and unreal. ‘Fake news’ may be a thing you are grappling with! It is very important to stop and take the time to discern what the truth is from what the lies are. 

Mercury is in retrograde as of Tuesday, yet it may be a beautiful retrograde cajoling us into a place of inner silence to savor the clarity of your own quiet.  If you can let go of demanding stark answers, you can then dive into the pool of the collective unconscious and allow your creativity to tell you of its visions and healing utterings. It is a good moon to write down your dreams!

RELATIONSHIPS & FAMILY: This sociable March new moon may bring about an aloof feeling in relationships while it calls you to make a deeper mental connection. Politics may matter more, becoming either the flame that joins you together or the issue that ignites your differences. This can be an isolating time but with a bit of work offering yourself and honestly expressing your feelings, even if it is difficult, goes a long way to maintain a smooth flow in your relationships.

This moon calls you to be loyal and committed while giving your partner the room to grow and some space to breath, be detached but not unloving. It brings with it romance and excitement. A wonderful time to explore the turbulent territory of your deep unconscious mind and what is felt there may provide you with greater insight and clarity. Be certain to communicate clearly and concisely with your family, as retrograde is known for challenges in communication and movement. Think and filter before speaking or taking actions you may regret later.

Give your partner and family some much needed attention and gratitude; as you may have been overwhelmed or focused within these past few months. Take the time to enjoy a sense of togetherness with those you love, after all you have benefited from their kindness and devotion. For singles, take your time in getting to know someone before moving forward to the next date, as flirtation and sexual tension dances in the air. Diligence is imperative as you make certain they are worth a second date.

JOB & BUSINESS: This moon is good time to set yourself apart from the pack, formalize or legitimize a partnership or business endeavor. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic is imperative right now. It is also a great time to start a new business, especially one that is devoted to bettering the planet, its environment or assisting your community for the greater good of all, for this work moon incubates financial rewards. Give your partner, customers and employee’s some much needed consideration and attentiveness; as you may have been overwhelmed or singularly focused in past few months. Take inventory or make investments this quarter making certain to do your homework thoroughly, in an organized manner with efficiency. Be certain to pay attention to the details prior to beginning new projects or endeavors. Cross your “t”s and dot your “i”s as you bounce off in the lure of this glistening moon. Professional advancement and recognition is possible right now, yet understand your own limitations while keeping a positive outlook. It is a good time for new starts, making minor changes in staff, expanding your sales team or bringing in new product for marketing. Whatever you do, let creativity take the lead and make certain your partner, your staff and customers know you sincerely appreciate their loyalty.

MONEY & FINANCE: A great time to make investments or stash the cash this quarter yet make certain to do your homework thoroughly, in an organized and meticulous manner as this is a time of “retrograde”. As stated above, formalize your research, be diligent, sensible and realistic. Still not a time to make large financial purchases or contracts, be patient, the spending/signing green light is coming in the next few months. Financial wisdom brings the patience and self-discipline to forgo short-term gratification for the long-term monetary success.  You will benefit from investing, joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work or groups. 

In Conclusion: You will find the strength, ambition and perseverance to take on your more challenging tasks for the next two weeks. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your goals and clearer view of how they fit into the broader picture. Most of all have compassion and act in gentleness and kindness – as we will all be feeling a little “Sensi” this new moon. Give of yourself in service to those less fortunate – sincere in gesture small or large, find and share your GRATITUDE! This new moon is on a pleasant, agreeable and harmonious star so let go and trust in your higher self as you sashay smoothly through March’s salaciousness.

Full Snow Moon

Full Snow Moon over still lake with Snowcovered peak in background

Inspiration Creativity & Manifestation

If you live anywhere in the Northern hemisphere, it is clear to see why the Native American’s called this the “Snow Moon”. There are definitely record levels of beautiful “water table producing” loads of glorious snow occurring. It is never wise to regret the elements especially one that is so prevalent and necessary for our bodies. Whether that is rain, snow, ice or water.  Don’t you just love chemistry!  I deviate, like the earth’s poles on their axis.

Definitely the brightest Moon of the year and one the closest to the Earth – astronomers call it a – “perigee” as the Full Moon coincides with perigee. Bringing with it higher tides and greater moisture. For those of you in the Southern hemisphere – snow (i.e.: Mauna Kea, Hawaii, Chichen-Itza, Mexico) rain and dry temperatures are on Gaia’s table. Those in America will not see the Snow Moon at its fullest as this occurs at 7:53am PST.

Happy Month of Love – have you embraced it yet? Self-Love is a poignant emotion this month and will be ongoing throughout the year. Happy Tibetan Losar New Year of the Boar/Pig/Deer, or Chinese New Year of the Pig, to our friends in the East and throughout the world.

This Snow Moon’s effects will be slightly more intense and may bring you down to reality through a “grounding energy” which calls you to focus on the small details. Keep your thinking in the present and insist on maintaining a clear view of how things are right now. This focus will assist you in getting things done while igniting your ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

The Fine Art of Life is this month’s energy and that of Eruption a spark, a surge of creativity and alteration, it is a time necessary for equilibrium and re-grouping. It is time to center this electric energy constructively for new visions, inspiration, motivation and productivity. It is important to give yourself time to dream and let your imagination out to play. Allowing your childlike self room to generate and construct. This full Snow Moon activates our emotional intuitive edge as it accentuates taking time for responsibly organizing your focus on the details of specific goals. Give structure to that which is sparked by inspiration, creativity and imagination by making a detailed plan of action.

Recognize that life doesn’t always course the way you would like it to. This Snow Moon is about terminations, while at the same time giving you opportunities for beginnings. So you have decisions, a turning point or resolution that invites you to engage in new beginnings. You might want to improve your skillset to get a better job or fine tune your diet or exercise regime to make life run more smoothly. So utilize what drives you to make substantial improvements yet take one step at a time. Call yourself to engage in adventures as you expand your horizons to give yourself the freedom to express. Take the time for creative demonstration while you allow the space to set your imagination free.

Be sure to be forgiving if there is a little disarray in your environment. That is the ebb and flow of life, so trust that you can accommodate whatever life brings.  Be willing to find common ground while finding alternative methods might assist you to complete tasks. You will find this Moon gives you the will to achieve your objectives. Like the waves of the ocean ebb to the sand there is a watery emotional overtone with this lunation. So swim with the tide rather than against it as you trust your instincts and put your dreams into action. Keep going despite conflicted feelings as you continue to look for ways to enhance your and others lives around you. It is most important to let the creative juices flow as you free your imagination. Have fun and take a break to let your creativity be channeled. Remember to share your gratitude and vision with others. It is best to let go rather than stressing, if something isn’t coming together. Forge ahead, despite any challenges that may come along.

New Snow Moon February 4, 2019

Optimism, Creativity & Economics

A New Moon is always a sign of new beginnings and the ending of older things. It has a powerful effect that resonates in a beneficial way. This moon accentuates duality, partnership, and joining forces with others. You may find you are feeling more motivated, creative and inspired to take on fresh endeavors.  This energy will strum these melodies throughout the month and into mid March.

The optimism of this new moon will support us in building the solid groundwork as you continue to move into your higher path and closer to manifesting your destiny. The month kicks off with a magnificent New Moon which brings welcome relief, from the intensity of December and January’s Blood Moon Eclipse.

You may have a sense of the Universe supporting you, if you are inclined to such feelings. This silent yet superlative snow moon brings with it abundance, prosperity and highly innovative creativity along with it a breath of impressive calm. You will most assuredly feel your spirits lifted, more optimistic and hopeful as you seek to get out of the comfort zones you may have slipped into over the winter months.

You will find it best to step into un-chartered territory and explore your future as a feeling or sense of light moves in and around you. You are moving from a spiritual year of attainment into a more humanistic year – so goals, ideas and the opportunity to manifest your dreams is on the horizon.  Be realistic and sensible as you systematically bring your dreams into reality.  Patience and self-discipline will bring material gain from those activities that are dear to your heart. Setting intentions, getting clear on what you want and readying yourself to put your ideas into action is now paramount.  Focus yourself as you stretch to far reaching goals and progressive planning brings a confident outlook for the next several months.

Along with this new moon’s potential it is important to sharpen your decision-making skills and pledge to focus your awareness all the while being tenacious with communication as you navigate towards greater success and building your contentment. As always, remember to traverse your world with kindness and generosity for those around you. As good communication skills and open self-expression improve relationships. It’s a great time to socialize and make new friends and business contacts. Diplomacy and tact are always a plus in business negotiations and legal matters. Understand your limitations yet be optimistic as you apply hard work with a sensible and realistic approach.

Engage in philanthropy and help make other’s dreams come true through help and support as you bubble your happiness in a generosity of spirit.  Be patient and self-disciplined as you surrender short-term satisfaction for the long-term attainment.

Dance in the devotion toward your partner, children, business and investments – then willingly share any good fortune big-heartedly with those you are grateful for in your life.E

Full Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse


January 20 – 21, 2019

Set your vision to the heaven’s on January 20th for the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Wolf Moon – when the Earth’s shadow totally covers the Moon @ 7:34pm – 11:48pm PST, January 20 @ 11:34pm – January 21, 1:51am EST.

Super because it appears slightly bigger than normal, this Wolf Moon sits a bit higher on the horizon and appears closer to the Earth It is called a blood moon due to the reddish hue and in some religions called a “blood moon” because it is the forth total lunar eclipse in a row or a lunar tetrad in apocalyptic terms. Of which I do not ascribe to. Wolf is the “nickname” first given by Native Tribes in North America. In the cold deep winter wolves gathered howling outside tribal encampments. This total lunar eclipse is the last to grace Earth’s sky until 2021.


An eclipse – focuses on your emotions, intimate relationships, home and family. A full moon is a time to go inside and focus your attention and a very strong activation of your private life. Eclipses are change makers that rattle our personal and collective cages so to speak. If things are fine in your life they‘ll likely continue that way.  For some it may be sending your world reeling. The great thing about this eclipse is that you have the opportunity to move past, present and sit in your future. So keep this in mind when focusing your goals, intentions and dreams.

This Full Moon & Lunar eclipse calls to reset your emotions and clear away the baggage from the past six months. It is also an opportunity to step back and take an honest look at the “patterns” of the relationships in your life.  This moon and lunar eclipse places a magnifying glass on your private life. It is a significant time to expand into your future and firmly put your dreams into action. Open to greater vision and take the time to account for your future as you dream. Some will be prone to rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions.

This is also a great time to be clear in what you are going to say and share only what you are willing to back up with caring. Hold your tongue or present information to a co-worker, spouse or friend in a positive way. Wise to not make sudden changes – make a plan and be specific as you implement those actions. It is especially important to not make rash judgements regarding your primary relationships, friends and family. You can expect friends and family to react with emotional outbursts – so it is best to be extra patient and compassionate.

On a positive note during this eclipse and full moon you may have an increased ability to view things from a different perspective. Use this opportunity to create the future you want to have. If you find yourself impulsive and having difficulty settling down, get out your SNote, writing tablet or recorder to focus your dreams into concise lists of actions for attainment.

Still in the New Year it is a “seed time” for opening to bigger vision:

  • Set clear priorities and goals
  • Focus on what is most important to implement
  • Think and act outside your typical viewpoint

Set yourself right with an attitude of tenaciousness that is forgiving. Now is the time for stepping into broader alignment while focusing and implementing dreams and actions for your future. It is an important during the chaos of this time to stop and be tenacious to implement your dreams into reality. So you can look at the future and implement your goals and dreams, being very specific in what you desire to accomplish.

Remain flexible and open minded as you deal with unexpected events like the printer breaking down or missing parent teacher conferences and as things change in travel plans or dinner arrangements. This also refers to unexpected events or news that may cause you anxiety and concern about the future. It would be prudent to keep clear vision while staying patient and maintaining your cool as you navigate through this erratic, unpredictable and emotionally charged eclipse. Temper impulsive reactions with kindness and be patient.

This also refers to unexpected events and news that are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. So keeping an open mind and staying calm and patient is key to dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. Otherwise, impulsive reactions, rapid mood swings and miscommunication could cause panic and chaos.

The full moon lunar eclipse does not moderate this erratic energy, it does offer help by giving confidence and courage. Self-control and patience will counter a tendency to overreact and argue when faced with stressful situations. So take small steps and be adaptable.

Job/Business: Relax and stay centered, expect chaos and organize yourself as you allow time for upsets in the flow of your day. Prepare for disruptions and keep your head and sense of humor about things as everyone’s emotions will be at peak. Don’tmake any large purchases or sign any contracts you don’t absolutely need to. If you do need to triple check the fine print, details and specifics of said contract. So if you can put it off – DO.

Relationships: As stated before it is always wise to be introspective during a full moon. Everyone will be extra sensitive emotionally and due to the financial downturn and chaos – do not get into arguments over finances – speak kindly and clearly about your plans. Take the time to consult each other and check in to make certain you are on the same frequency with the details of everything. It may take more time and effort but this will help to keep the home front a safe and smooth environment. Be physically active and find ways you can play together.

Financial: Don’t make any large purchases you don’t absolutely need to right now. In relationship to buying stocks, home, vehicles – make certain you have a very tenacious budget laid out and wiggle room in your payment plan. Focus on Savings and getting your three month financial padding squirreled away. The next three to six months World markets will roller coaster. Also remember with stocks: – buy low, sell high. Governments and local businesses will wax and wane due to the disruptive political climate. This will smooth out mid June – August 24, 2019. So plan accordingly and stay focused for the long game.

Visualize a clear positive future as this will help you to create it. Think about what you want to manifest and be very specific, envision your goal in great detail and place a specific time frame for attainment. A powerful effective strategy for manifestation is to feel the benefits you’d get by achieving the goal as well as the obstacles you might encounter and solutions to overcome them. Be tenacious in your implementation and do this process for four months. It will deepen your spiritual and social development.  

Things will speed up considerably for the next three months, so flow with the new YOU you’re experiencing!  Meditate. This is the assurance contained in every form of Self-revelation arising from the depths of your Being. Choose to shape your outer reality in a form that represents your “sovereignty over its various capacities in the creative realms” of your imagination, and find the inner vision which will lead to your highly effective expression. Take the time to reconnect with the sources of Life and Love at the core of your being, and open to the coming freedom to move onward and outward into broader horizons of Inspired existence.

Appreciate and be a keeper of GAIA, imbibe in the Sacred Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Now is the time to do what we are “called to” and stand for Her and the abundant gifts She has generously shared with us. There is NO “Plan B”, GAIA is all we have and we must –  Represent. Now is this time to honor the Cycles of Life and adhere tenaciously to Her ongoingness.

This eclipse symbolically thrusts the Feminine Principle into Power. So 2019 should be a year that women become even more organized, influential and determined to develop practical approaches for change. As the year progresses you will need to stay focused on the long game – and reward yourself for small steps in the right direction. Be outgoing, let loose your heart’s potential, see what has to be done, and then do it! Once you have opened to greater Life, Love and potential, allow your deeper feelings to lead you to clearer visions and then act with precision and efficiency. Go deep into your experience of connectedness with life and others, and work cooperatively

We are in a pivotal time that requires a clear head. Your true work is to stay focused on your eternal self – the strong, prosperous, loving and joyful you that has always existed and always will. Commit to mastering one area of your life that’s been holding you back, with the help of this confident courageous eclipse. Develop the discipline you need to keep going, even when things get hard. Discipline simply means being a disciple to yourself. Have confidence and bow to the Divinity within you – and within all things. Have a fabulous productive New Year!

Full Beaver Moon

        Beaver Full Moon – Preparing for Winter

Beaver Full Moon

This one is called a Beaver Moon because beavers use the light of the full moon to ready and build and their winter dams. It is also called a Frost moon as it comes with the first frosts.

This is one of the best full moons of the year, signaling a time of optimism, expansion, good fortune and exploration. It is truly a seed time for opening to bigger vision. You are still in the current of truth and transformational energy, so it is a splendid time to:

  • Reset your priorities
  • Focus on what is most important to implement
  • Think outside the box
  • Dream something new into your life – be creative and make it authentically you, make it luxuriant and full sized!
  • Clean, clear clutter and organize – like the beaver build your future or like the squirrel stock your winter den.

It is still important to set aside time to grant the opportunity for change and transformation to occur. Instead of over-extending yourself, carve out some time during this full moon to focus on your own inner and emotional wellbeing. Put distractions aside and say no to invitations that feel like obligations rather than a choice. Focus on yourself, your own truth, creativity, what inspires you and your inner direction. This is also a valuable time to continue to clean and clear clutter. Do so without judgement observing where your attachment may feed your resistance to change. A confident time so get some rest to replenish yourself if that’s what you need!

Where the past two months have been transformative, challenging and possibly dark, this full moon brings the light and laughter back to your life. It opens you up to an abundance of new (and better!) opportunities that you may have not dreamt possible. As the opportunities come to you, having set the platform over the past few months, you should be ready to receive. These gifts will be related to previous events, years ago, which have occurred in your life. Events that may have brought with them major restriction and required your deep focus or made it difficult to sustain and build on your passions. This moon will trigger that time and the events that have occurred since then, transforming them into something that you can feel more enthusiastic about.

Job/Business:  A time to review our work and assess where you stand in your current endeavors and where you want to be in your future. Step forward and be introspect by evaluating:

  • Am I on track?
  • Are there holes in my plan?
  • Is this really what I want?

Expect the unexpected, relax & stay centered and this will propel you forward. Remember to carve out plenty of time to get the details and specifics in order. Making certain that you check and re-check, dotting all your i’s & crossing the t’s, so to speak, as this period of time until December 6 – 10, things will fall through the cracks and important and significant things will be easily disrupted or go awry.

Triple check communication – typo’s, texts to the wrong person and the like, Move to mend communication immediately don’t wait. Don’t make any large purchases or sign any contracts. Mercury is in retrograde until the 15th, so prepare for disruptions and keep a sense of humor about things. Remembering pride goth before the fall.

Relationships: This holiday season is suitable for activities like curling up with your partner listening to music, dancing, reading poetry aloud, engage in creative writing, bundle up and take long walk in the crisp silver air.

Communications are best specific, open and mindful. Remembering to put yourself in another’s shoes before commenting on “that new awkward haircut”. Keep your sense of humor well-tuned. Trips and communication can seriously lead to unpleasant drama. A full moon is always a good time to be introspective.

Sharing a nurturing moment where you can steal away together even if it is just for a hot chocolate to watch the rain or snowfall together. Expect the unexpected in relationships as well. You may feel passionate, cheery and impulsive this full moon so put happiness into action. Yet be certain to temper your emotion and gauge your actions. Grab the family and puddle jumpers for a splashy walk or build a snowman to have fun, laugh and play.

Financial: Expect the unexpected with money too. Be aware of costs and paying attention here can do a lot to help propel you forward into a life that is more liberating and authentic. Don’t give in to confusion or feelings of hesitation while you embark on the new journey with foresight and thorough planning. Enjoy the moment while you adjust your perspective in the certainty that better times are ahead. Don’t push issues that aren’t meant to happen right yet.

You are now at the beginning doorway of a magnificent venture. There may be many more months (possibly years) to get moving forward in this venture, so build on top of it and eventually bring it stealth fully to completion. Much needs to happen before then.

Watch spending this season engage in due diligence, checking pricing before you click. Look at an array of items, Keep your receipts as you may need to return items. Get right on the returns for yourself & others. Don’t engage in spender’s remorse – if in doubt leave it out. Ask yourself: Do I actually need this item. Do not go shopping on an “iffy” day. Make certain if you spend it is exactly what you want this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In conclusion – Trips or communication can seriously lead to unpleasant drama So stick to the basics of communication and be extra careful of what you say Check and double check flights, reservations, get your car checked taking precautions will help make travel smoother this holiday season.

As has been the suggestion this fall – take some much needed time for self-care and introspection. This full moon will find you easily provoked – so expect emotionally charged arguments and make a choice to keep your cool and react with rationality when someone does or says something to provoke you. Be easy on others and check inside to make certain you need to make that comment. Listen carefully & if issues come up handle them with an open mind and heart with consideration and clarity.

Choose your words with care – careful to not say anything you don’t mean. Easy on the partying, drugs and alcohol will leave you too vulnerable. The likelihood that you or someone will say or do something that pushes buttons or elicits an emotional response is inevitable – so you will need to work double time to stay cool and maintain healthy boundaries. Prior to going to the office party or accepting an invitation from an old friend – review any red flags, make amends before going. Take the time to go inside yourself and define clear boundaries with an intention to stay out of conflict.

Navigate in your own lane – don’t project your issues onto others and don’t allow them to project their insecurities onto you.

Most of all have compassion and act in gentleness and kindness – as we will all be feeling a little “Sensi” this Winter holiday. Give of yourself in service to those less fortunate – sincere in gesture small or large, GRATITUDE in GIVING!

Hunter’s Full Moon

Hunter’s Full Moon

If the 8th was challenging for you – hold onto your hats as this full moon’s winds start to swirl.  There’s more bubbling up from the depths with even deeper revelations into the shadow side of yourself. If you were wise you paced yourself and went inside and began to excavate, so now you stand in certainty reaping the benefits of your diligence.

Taking Inventory – can be one of the most challenging facets of this full moon to The end of the year. So take account of your life in a way you have never done before. Although your discovery may be painful, discouraging and uncomfortable, you may be surprised with the hidden jewels you’ll find as well.

If you didn’t take the time to get your life in order and on track, the chaos of what wasn’t put in place may be full on exploding from your job, relationships or possibly financially.  Calmly take the reins of your life and assess clearly now, breath and relax as you settle it all down. Take a walk in the crisp fall air and liberate like the sand releases to the ocean.

You could be facing resistance, hopelessness, shattered dreams resulting in irritation, anger and disappointment so use these powerful feelings to cultivate deeper inspiration. You could be faced with a spectacle or crisis of thought, will and determination. The confrontations permeating within you may be strong, obstinate and rebellious. Stay away from negative encounters that may lead to subsequent anger.  As these emotions are best suckled within and used for positive change.

The question to ask yourself: “What actions do I take to empower myself within all of this?”  It is sensible to move towards what uplifts you rather than push against that which doesn’t. Alter what you can and let go of that which isn’t serving you.  Your most protected patterns will be presented for your full viewing pleasure.  Decide now to sit down the crisis and move them into actions for opportunity.

This moon invites you to go within, retreat and feel deeply into your calm grabbing the opportunity to begin anew with your self-intention.  Continue to change the way you handle, love, relationships and money. Stay the course as you refine your goals and projects.  Risk stepping out of your comfort zone to exhibit movements through a beginner’s mind.

The Hunter’s moon serves the Goddess on many levels and it’s the powerful presence of the feminine and all aspects to the relationship with the feminine. Issues around sustenance or care taking, whether you lacked love from your mothers, whether you were fully embraced and fed, whether you resented or fear the power of Her energy – all may erupt in each of us depending on where your issues resonate. It is time to heal your relationship with the feminine and fully step into the power She provides.

It is imperative to feed what is important to us:

Job/Business – Make certain you carve out the space and time to accomplish what it takes to nourish you during your work day.  Create a niche of joy even if it is just to step outside and take a breath. Maybe approach your business with wonder and a childlike enthusiasm? Take your employee’s outdoors for a bonus while scavenging through fall foliage. If

Relationships – take the time to nurture yourself and partner by spending some delight during an intimate walk as the fog nestles around you. Take time to foster the yin and yang balance within yourselves. Lighten the mood with your family by going to the pumpkin patch, bobbing for apples, or share a night making s’mores under the light of the full moon. If seeking a relationship delve deep into love of yourself and BE what you desire to call to you in love.

Financial – Keep it simple. Take stock, budget and clean up what you have been putting off. Upgrade essential changes to weatherize your home or vehicle. Do not spend extravagantly on large ticket items. Things should look better come late winter/early spring. Squirrel your nuts away for your burrow of bigger bounty.

Allow space for transformation and growth as you reflect upon matters most important to your calm. Channel the moons transformational energy and again – listen to your Higher Self keeping grounded and focused. Take time for GRATITUDE and enjoy a cup of Chai as you sit by the fire allowing space for conversion while implementing the prospects this Moon and its Goddess provides.

Use this moon’s potent energy to plant seeds to await winter’s thaw you’ll circumnavigate the garden of your life. It is a time to promote you every day by passionately igniting optimistic actions. Dive deep into love and generously share it with those you care about to collectively soften the noise of the world. This is a time of collaboration so find your clarity and align with those of like mind.

Consider these significant points to move you forward with this Moon:

  • Have you taken stock and cleared the inventory of your personal, business and financial storehouses? Making the necessary alterations?
  • Are you staying centered and balanced within?
  • Are you able to find a place of calm within your day to day life?
  • It is a time where the veils are thin. Stretch yourself to heal the past or ancestral issues. Take time to be quiet and focus within to unify with greater Light and Healing to uplift.

This full moon is a perfect time to walk, move and feel into the above questions as you settle into the dawn of winter, for change is swirling within not only on the wind. Set your inner and outer sails to confidently unite.

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