Full Pink Super Moon

April 17, 2020 @ 7:36 pm PST

Balance   Justice    Reset

Tender blades of grass peek through and greet the morning sun as plump mushrooms brave the frost cast over the rich brown earth with their tan crowns stretching towards heaven. Spring has awoken the forest under this full “pink” moon. The pink ground phlox or moss pink flowers of Native Tribes is what calls us to this Pink Moon also known as the Fish Moon.  It is best viewed on the night of the 18th where it will be its nearest most full bright shine in the night sky

April’s full moon could bring frost, so don’t plant the temperamental seedlings or bare root fruit trees just yet and cover those fragile plants and shrubs. If the moon is pale expect rain. Great time to weed, trim, hedge or cut your hair or beard. It is also known as the Fish moon as the name implies – great time for fishing – especially when the temperature is mid 50’s in the hours before sunrise and sunset.

What was once a pagan celebration of renewal represents the coming of spring, light, melting snow, coming of the rains, growth and rebirth.  Then became a Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection over death. Now this full moon and time involves magical rabbits, colored eggs and pastel dresses shared with overindulgences of ham, lamb and chocolate, representations that mean nothing of the season

Have you bowed in devotion to Mother Earth, planted a seed or stood in humility at the stations of the cross (applied to your own inequities) where can you now take action and ARISE? It is now time to overcome any tendency to be lazy or selfish. Time to overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image and lean forward with hope, foresight, generosity, patience, perseverance, passion and a willingness for hard work.

Once you have addressed your own feelings and experience of this global shock – and the shock has slightly dissipated; next is to view clearly the layers of emotions and pain. We then must take the time to feel and process the present but also the layers and all its ripples into our personal and collective past. All those times we didn’t take the time and energy to look deeper at unresolved issues. You will gain clarity by perceiving what is really going on to discern with wisdom and unflinching dignity and seek what is to be done about it, with firm resolve.

This is a time for gratitude and appreciating the Gift of Sacred balance and right-relation with the things surrounding you. You will feel an ability to see opposing views and better accept the full spectrum of what exists what exists for others in their perspective and experience and find harmony. Find the middle ground and draw a bridge of balance in this time of uncertainty and great change. Facing the challenge of inner and outer harmony individually, in your relationships and as a nation. Develop greater discipline, patience and proper timing paired with a level of tension that makes you feel like you need to do something now to manage and resolve your situation. Do not become impatient to the point where you overlook the steps necessary for success to be attained. A good question you could be asking yourself now is:

What can I do to be of use – For my family, my community, my nation and our world – take personal responsibility and accountability.  ARISE from that which challenges you and become ENGAGED in the communion of change. This is the time which calls for us to “Reset”. This is an international problem that needs international answers. America is no longer being looked upon as an example. We need to take this as a moment of deep reckoning about who we are? Then reset how our government and world governments respond to the lives of their citizens. Reset how you interact within the natural world that you are privileged to live within.

Relationships & Family: Maybe it is a better time to listen rather than talk and avoid pushing any agenda if you face resistance. You may have to dig deep for equal and fair relationships right now in this time of sequester and togetherness which on the one hand may be harder and more necessary right now at this time of co-habitation your relationships may be stretched to their limits under the current quarantine.

Anything you may have been avoiding or have shoved under the rug or sidestepped due to differing schedules is now painfully obvious and unavoidable. In spite of potential breakdowns or because of them you now have a greater opportunity to realize breakthroughs.

Bringing into the Light relationships, partnerships – commitments, compromises and collaborations. Easier to see what is out of balance right now and remember that this light makes it easy to see the imbalance but this time did not create it. Through this “full” vision you can see what is going on behind the scenes and from this disruption can bring you freedom, liberation and revelation. Relax sit back and find your willingness to see behind the curtain at who is pulling the strings. From this place you have the power to create what you never felt possible.

The children are our future, let them write down their dreams and goals for their future and how they want to see, feel and experience the world around them from this point forward. Encourage them to dream and create “Vison Boards” of what they want their lives to be after this quarantine ends. We must all be willing to be uncomfortable and use our discomfort to get impassioned and active in the fires of change.

Single: If you are single, you are feeling the most alone and will find reaching out to friends and family more consoling than usual. Even if you are happy living a solitary life, you may feel a greater need to connect to friends and family. The fullmoon is the best opportunity to reach out on your dating apps and seek out future potential partners. It is also a great time for going within and refining those qualities you seek to enhance for yourself. This quarantine and full moon should give you greater clarity on what you desire in the partner you are calling to you.

Job & Business: The tides are beginning to shift – having reached a “threshold state”: One looking back and the other moving forward, leads you to tear yourself away from the known and familiar to that which is fresh, new and innovate to more of what you desire to create from your dreams. Doing so can produce very positive outcomes if you channel this energy creatively with foresight and focused intention. So temper your excitement for change with efficient and grounded productivity. Use your restlessness and impulsiveness to dig deep into the creative tempo of life. At this time you are forced to view your life in a new way – which may bring up oppositional defiance for no apparent reason. Work towards funding and maintaining your positive business applications for the next 60-90 days, so when your doors can open you are ready to hit the ground running.

**For more information – click on “Search” at bottom my Home Page and type in “Boost for Small Business” & “Boost for Small Business2”.

Money & Finances: Avoid going further into debt by overusing credit cards or spending money on unnecessary items. Time for fine-tuning or completion of monetary goals. Its springtime so make adjustments and reel in the harvest of big fish. Don’t be rushed into making important decisions, right now, instead think it through and take the time to research to make sound purchases and investments in the future.

This will pass eventually and when it does be ready, have your financial ducks in a row. This is one of those times many have lost money and others are busy making wealth off of others loss. This is a time to reach out if you have plenty, share/donate time and money, researching new financial terms, making donations to those populations in greater need, seek out lenders who think outside of the box, ask favors from investors with a plan for repayment, barter while making negotiations, look for or expand bargains, or for plain modesty in self-promotion. A good time to make investments in good companies with a sound business model and stable experienced employees.

Good time to break free from bad financial investments and show restraint while creatively changing to a more diverse portfolio. Don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid any further unnecessary risks or rebel against financial restraint. Deal with any fear, pessimism or self-doubt before taking pulling out the money clip. Temper yourself with balancing the accounts, know that being aggressive and reactive may be followed by conflicts and possible threats to your bottom line. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to the vast changes in current market situations.

In conclusion: Reel yourself in and refocus. Let yourself dream of how you want the world to be once no longer sequestered and prepare for the steps you will take to implement dreams and goals.

Pay attention to the old masquerading as the new and choose instead to no longer be bound to old characteristics bring forward instead your diplomatic, dignified self that seeks freedom and is willing to mentor in a new social-emotional expression. Whatever it is you may be moving through, bring Love into it. Love is the healing balm we need to move through this now. Soinvoke Love, feel and share it often, for Love is necessary now more than ever.

Living systems adapt by transforming themselves. Learning this is and applying ourselves to the re-organization of the current systems we live within are important to implement right now. This situation is forcing us to adapt to the world how it is now and rise up within ourselves and evolve. We don’t know where we are going, nor what will take us there so it is important we have a hope of blessing, health, peace and harmony carried through us into our future.


March 31, 2020

No one knows where businesses are going right now, worldwide – You are not alone.

Here are some tips and advice to help your business stay healthy:

  • Pay your bills – get invoices out to generate income. Reach out and negotiate with your landlord, vendors, and utilities. Have a plan for repayment or partial payment – don’t go into negotiations unprepared. Make certain you can sustain next 60 days & walk back into your business ASAP.
  • Contact your local & state offices re: Payroll taxes, Quarterlies etc.… & negotiate payments. Research & plan for what is available beyond 90 days. Find out what assistance is available locally, at the state and federal level.
  • Survive by staying relevant and in the forefront for your customers & contacts. They appreciate hearing from you. Ask customers what they need. Ship, Send or Drop off JUST Sell using phone, text, door to door, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook.
  • SAY NO on gift cards they are a hard sale in tough times. Instead: Reach out and ask how you can help &/or post “how to” podcast or vid’s that relate to your services. Or re-shape your services or products for them. Get products & services to their door, cell, tablet or computer.
  • Brainstorm with your employee’s to see how you can “social distance” and still do business. Stagger work schedules, everyone pitch in to clean and disinfect.
  • Use any surplus of inventory – partner with complimentary businesses to get product to consumers.  (*You have equipment – another company ships/delivery – collaborate)
  • Retain employees – make certain they are covered. As a large or small business owner a big expense is getting & keeping valuable employees.
  • Discuss with your employee’s any idea’s they may have to expand, expedite or innovate within the company but they hadn’t had the opportunity to act upon or bring up the idea. Implement.
  • Collaborate you may have extra staff where a complimentary company doesn’t have enough people. If you have a surplus of employee’s offer them to another business till your door reopens. Your employees are valuable, reliable and trained this could be a great way to keep them employed in the short term.
  • Discounts/Deals – Promotional considerations – What I have in stock to donate or help those who need it. Exchange or trade services. (*Real estate work for clients to find good lenders, restaurant/bakery/vintner work with delivery service to get orders out. Exchange for online website development or social media promotion.)
  • Research banks/lenders willing to do small term business loan or put funds on back end of agreements to Stay Open. Local Credit Unions are a good resource.
  • Reach out to other competitor’s or complimentary businesses who may be in better financial straits for short term loan or assistance. 

Uncommon times take innovative and uncommon measures and approaches to make certain we can all remain healthy in business and our lives.

Spring Equinox


Equal night and day for this Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern hemisphere. We are cast, in this moment worldwide, headstrong against the pillars which hold up the structure of our lives – Governments, Economy, Corporations & Local/Regional/Familial environments.

This Spring/Fall Equinox isn’t going to blossom quietly to say the least. Energize your actions and lean into your expansiveness as this Pandemic forces our world to take a clear look at reshaping society and technology. It calls us to unite beyond rigid thoughts and mores brought in and highlighted into ‘analysis paralyses’ must be cut loose into Springs/Fall Equinox’s obstinate and fast moving energy.

Set your weapons down if power struggles arise and instead give way to innovation spurning breakthroughs to burst forth. Change is in the air this equinox so it is BEST to center within yourself and from that place go with what flows; rather than having one foot on the brake & the other on the gas, which is so uncomfortable for humans feeling at the effect of repeated inconsistencies’ our current US Administrations’ oligarchic misinformation that refutes opportunities to uplift and lead. In that stead let joy and passion help you to disengage and move to the beat of your own focused intentions for the greater good of all.

Doing some physical, mental & spiritual spring/fall cleaning, depending on which side of the equator you live on, will help you sift through to the facts before making any binding decisions for the upcoming seasons. Center instead on fresh starts, creative opportunities and new beginnings. Let your passion fire up to compete with courage and fight for your dreams – set bold intentions to unfold your future.  

Move forward in naked honesty with unapologetic excitement that inspires action.  Nurture yourself with good food, healthy exercise and jovial interactions while maintaining six feet circumference between you & those acquaintances’. This too shall pass if we pay attention, sit still and take actions that preferably awaken.

Full Worm Super Moon

Cleanse Unearth Organize

3/9/2020 @ 10:48 am PST

Full Worm Super Moon as its luminary “perigee” (closest to earth) is burgeoning you to question all your life choices and start taking actions to cleanse and self-heal which is all very key this month. Best time to view it is at moon rise for your area. The Worm Moon brings with it a desire for balance and the energy to implement solutions to reach greater harmony. A time for hard work, patience and critical thinking. Not being done by many these days – it would help to take or re-visit English Comp II. This worm moon also provides you with an extra kick you’ll need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

This super moon is a wet one as it assists the soil in its thaw to loosen and bring forth the rich brown fat with translucent earthworm castings mixed with roots and bright shades of green that rings in spring. The robin appears and plucks these round plump morsels from the dirt as the call of snow geese echoes upon piercing winds. Migrating flocks move north to find or return to their ideal field to mate.

A wise moon to bow forward, plant seeds and tree starts in the moist soils of spring snow and rains. Dance in the ancient rites and rituals that resound to celebrate the Vernal Equinox coming on the 19th in the N. Hemisphere. Happy abundant harvest or stockpiling in tillage rites that may occur in the Autumnal Equinox for those of you in the S. Hemisphere.

The first super moon in a succession of three – the next being April and May, remember and give honor to bring a lot of water worldwide, especially to some dramatically needed in drought regions like California, Oregon, Washington reviving their breadbasket and water stores, including those in the South such as the Amazon, Australia, Africa filling their lakes, rivers, streams and forests which have also seen drought conditions these past few years.

Gratitude held for much needed snowpack’s and a pregnant length of time before it’s melt pours to fill the deep aquaphor’s of Sequoia’s, Cascades, Siskiyou’s, Rockies and those in Midwest and South. Certain those in the East and Southeast would be delighted to share their abundance this winter.

Relationships & Family: This moon gives us “Focus” and more specifically focus on relationships. It may motivate you to put more effort into your personal relationships, which could need a lot of TLC right now. It is finally time to face your life and relationships head on and take care of whatever imbalances that have been overloading the scales. Rather than cut people out of your life, maybe you are willing to simply reach out to them and address the status of your relationship. First truthfully evaluate your responsibilities within the relationship, then approach them in a calm, kind and progressive manner. This position may help you drive things into a healthier place. So sit down and evaluate who helps you attain your highest self and who doesn’t. Time to release those personal relationships that aren’t working for your greatest attainment.

Once you have breathed the life back into the central relationships around you it is vital to shift your focus from “me” to “we”. We are all in this together – so roll up your sleeves and let’s get started. The indiscretions will come out and the truth will be revealed by the end of the month. Once that’s done you can easily open up some time for basic self-care or free flying passions.

Job & Business: Make certain you have a detailed account of your improvements and projects to back up whatever advancement or pay increase you may be asking for. This full moon is a good time to let go of that job that saps your productive essence. Take the risk to jump into the job you dreamed about and flex your ingenuity, creativity or inventive muscles in a new beginning.

It is an essential time to evaluate and organize business relationships and partnerships head on while you take care of whatever disparities, discrepancies or inequalities which may be tipping the scales. Be certain to clearly evaluate and take stock.  It is fundamental that you take care of your fiscal responsibilities and then advance your directive.

Use simple diplomacy and manage your negotiations while you pay close attention to any details or stated timelines. Now is the time to let go of or relinquish those employees, clients or business partnerships that are not working toward your greatest business success. Initiate these conversations and communicate in a cool, compassionate and open-minded clear and honest way. Time to release those partnerships that are not working.

Money & Finance: This worm moon calls you organize and manage your money and invest in the future. A tipsy market doesn’t make you want to spread your financial wings, yet with temperance during the lows is a good time for well researched stable buys. Put money away for a rainy day and for future endeavors. Mortgage rates just lowered set forth an opportunity to refinance or begin looking into the purchase of that unique home, investment property or set forth plans for new expansion. Show restraint – don’t let all the cats out of the bag. Pay close attention to the specific details of agreements, contracts and interests then advance with certainty or hold off till you feel confident for future transactions.

In conclusion:

The Equinox being a time where the light of day and the dark of night are equalized. The lull of winter melts away into the earth and the worms turn the deep rich brown readying for seed. The bears awaken from their long hibernation and commence their unwieldy forage.

You will find the clarity to expose what has not been working and the confidence of focus to bring about the solutions and results you have been passionate for. This will last for the next few weeks. So, find the time to go inside and “feel out” your new strengths and your clearer vision of your bright future. Trust your gut and lean into your intuition. Take advantage of this opportunity and embody practicality and pay attention to detail. Savor where you have found balance in your relationships with loved ones, friends, business partners and finances. Step up where you haven’t.

As you wash your hands for two minutes, cover your nose and act in accordance for the greater good, instead of feeding the repeated ‘frenzy of fear’ – seize this opportunity to participate in our World Community and have the responsibility to disrupt xenophobia and bigotry in its blatant ignorance.  We are stronger when we stick together and uplift to heal. Remember to express gratitude and utilize kindness with those who’ve stood behind you through all the storms.

The equalized light of day and dark of night open up a “window” in the momentum of time which gives us a special opportunity to go deeper into meditation, awaken our intuition and further realize our dreams and aspirations. Our ancient elders lived within the rhythm of the seasons. Some didn’t even have calendars or time pieces, they lived by the sunrise and sunset. So let yourself go as you take measured risks and then step out boldly into our collective future!

Make certain you take the time to eye the heavens as Luna shudders off into the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere or Fall Equinox of the Southern Hemisphere on the 19th.  A great time to garden as the Moons gravitational pull causes tides to rise and fall and wicks up moisture in the soil providing greater moisture to seeds for better germination in establishing plants. Also a great time to read “Worm Moon” by a great American Poet, Mary Oliver. It is the time to blossom and unfold new beginnings!

Winter Solstice December 21, 2019 @ 8:19pm PST Cold New Moon Dec. 25, 2019

Winter’s New Moon

Growth Expansion Grace

Flakes of powder swirl as their currents bid us wintertime has set forth her full glory. With graceful solitude she settles dusting the rich brown and steady green that portends to peek through. The treasure trove of four-legged creatures snuggle deeper into burrows hidden well beneath the forest floor that reminds nature is blanketed in soft sleep. Now is the time to finish up the work left undone and steadfastly focus on actions you desire to grow before the thaw of the spring.

Calling us to reconnect with whatever has been hiding just below the surface – bring it up for cleansing, analysis, replenishment or repair any dust that continues to inhabit your life. A time to go within to purify body and mind, as you enhance your beautiful spiritual awareness. Whatever has been shuttered soft in the cocoon you’ll feel nudged to grow, flourish, and flutter until you transform into your butterfly self. Bathing yourself in the Solfreggio frequency 372 Hz. Spread your wings and navigate life to the fullest as this time is rich with opportunities for personal and professional growth and brings with it happiness, optimism, good luck and generosity.

The Winter Solstice today is the longest night and the shortest day of the year. It lulls us into the holiday season full of family, friends and people around the world call to the intention of love and celebration for the Earth’s alignment to the Sun. The longest night gives you an opportunity for opening up to deeper spiritual energy. Yet beckons you complete tasks mindfully and organize as you stretch into your future. Set goals with detailed actions to simply transition into the new decade. It is a time to have fun, connect, rebalance and use this opportunity to refresh the level of harmony and grace within your life.

Family/Relationships: The new moon on the 25th brings home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus forcing you to make adjustments in these areas of your life in order to restore balance. Be prepared to shed tears and purge situations that no longer work for you as this can be a disruptive explosive time. Moods change with the moon and this cold moon moves with its extra sensitive and sentimental tides. Tweak what is necessary for your healthy relationship to thrive. If you feel emotionally exposed dig deep and take ownership allowing release. By wafting in the scent or essence of Roman chamomile, cedar wood, frankincense, juniper and pine. Or making cranberry pecan mini goat cheese balls to celebrate yourself and family together.

Keep your keen sense of humor and look for the full belly laughs with positive intention. Lighten the mood with a winter fresh citrus salad filled with slices of grapefruit, orange and chevre, or take a great long walk or read to each other while equally sipping cider by a blazing fire, shaping snowmen, covering your partner or kids in bows and bright wrapping paper or bouncing the bulging bags followed by cocoa and bendy twister. Keep your focus on what you need rather than what you want to avoid conflict and clear communication will keep the peace on the home front this holiday season.

Singles: Time to go out connect and have fun, as well to take time for introspection while you delve deep into family and root out patterns that no longer serve you. Call upon positive influences and friends who support your emotional strength as you share your innermost thoughts. Let your creativity flow and allow your more flamboyant side to cut loose. Also a great time to be in service to others. Join in the season of giving who knows who you might find as a likeminded partner amongst the gift boxing crew. Be mindful of your center as you share yourself with the world and party this holiday season.

Job/Business: Prepare to shed what is no longer useful and eliminate employees or situations that are no longer pertinent for your job or business. Use forethought and strategy under rapidly changing market conditions. Good for business, good time for changing your career path and starting new projects. Be very clear in what you need versus what you want to help temper inner tension and external pressures.

Take steps to refocus and make adjustments in areas of your business or job by clearing the way for year end inventory and act upon goals for the coming year. Let success take flight while tempering zealous ambitions that may cause you to overreach. Leave your comfort zone and try something new and exciting. Once you have taken stock make certain you take the time to show clients, customers and employees your gratitude for their loyalty and continued patronage. A great time to let your business serve the greater community you work within. Growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune are the exciting elements with this new moon and solar eclipse.

Money/Finances: Investments, business and legal matters started at this time have a potential for success. Complete long term projects as the sky is the limit for money and finance to be extremely fortunate with this upcoming solar eclipse, as this is the final eclipse this decade though it will not be seen in the Northern hemisphere on December 26, 2019 @ 7:43 pm PST. So it is time to consolidate your gains and step forward for the next six months.

In Conclusion: This is a great time for lucky breaks and exciting encounters. Dare to make changes in your life as things will flow smoothly and cause less disruptions like those at the beginning of the month. Love, money and finance will be extremely fortunate with this upcoming solar eclipse, as this is the final eclipse this decade, though it will not be seen in the Northern hemisphere on December 26, 2019 @ 7:43 pm PST. The next solar eclipse in the western hemisphere occurs in Chile and Argentina Dec. 14, 2020. The next opportunity to view a solar eclipse in the United States is October 14, 2023. Growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune are the exciting elements with this new moon and solar eclipse. Be generous this season within reason and extend yourself to reach out and serve the greater good of humanity and our planet. Let Peace reign.

Autumnal Equinox Harvest New Moon

Transformation Balance Potential

New Moon – September 28 @ 9:33 PST. 

Whirling wind and torrential rains have dampened the dry heat baying summers end here in the Pacific NW. Busy chipmunks and squirrels scurry speedily filling their storehouses with morsels to savor fall through spring. Berries, left behind from the browsing grouse, deer or bear, hang heavily on limb weighed by fat drops of rain. Give ample time as you drive interstates and roads, for wildlife to traverse like a chain-link with fawn and buck, bustling from the hunter’s arrow or gun.

September’s new moon although dark still within the Harvest season. A new moon represents the end of one 28 day cycle and the beginning of another. It gives forth an invigorating burst of energy and initiative, so it is prodigious to start a new project, set new goals and make resolutions or begin implementing your strategic plan.

The Autumnal Equinox preceding this new moon is auspicious and beckons us to deepen our consideration of who we are, despite the vacillation in our daily lives. So reach into the depths of your singular being to commune and unshackle your heart allowing your creative juices to flow forth to others with a communion of cause.

This moons effects will be particularly strong for the next few weeks weaving the hue and fabric for your coming months. Calling for you to make a plan, and take action with depth and transcendent courage as you peel down the core essence of your being – bare, exposed and uncovered, like the barren limb of the maple tree whose brown-ochre leaves resplendently carpet the ground.

Viewing what lies beneath this veneer is not for the faint of heart. Deeply buried feelings will be exposed so it’s necessary to gain control over your emotions, reactions and intrinsic nature though the quiet, soothing whistle of the wind as it sways and bows insistent on solitude to breath and reflect. Although it will be lighter than during the full moon.

Current planetary alignments may cause extreme polarities of emotion. Dreams can turn into fantasies and suspicion into paranoia. So remember the difference between fantasy and reality to avoid rejection, delusion, gullibility, deception, susceptibility, humiliation and shame. Changeable moods and changeable tastes can lead you astray to lowering of your standards or become disloyal and damage your relationships.

This moon amplifies your susceptibility to act impulsively which may accentuate aggressive instincts, therefore, use self-constraint to keep your anger and addictions in check. Be mindful to moderate if you have a tendency to anger or act without thinking to avoid small irritations from turning into arguments or fights. Get help before you indulge full tilt in your moody sensitivities like hatred, judgey insecurity, delusion, guilt or abject muddled confusion which can lead to poignant conflict in relationships.

The oppositions occurring over this Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox can easily strum one’s inner shadows and pluck at the self-critic, self-doubt, judgements and self-defeating mind with feelings like:

  • What’s the point I suck at everything?
  • I never know what to do so I’ll do nothing.
  • I never get anywhere so why even try?

Don’t let such self-defeating internal-talk defeat any motivation you have assembled. Feel your sorrow, feed your joy and if it still feels meaningless – go deeper…Then relax and go with the flow letting the tide carry you EXACTLY where you need to be.

Instead choose to traverse the current tumultuous waters with faith and devotion trusting in the Infinite: life is ongoing and you don’t always have to know the plan, just step forward with your gut instinct by taking actions that are measured, methodical and courageous.

This is a time to come back to a core place of Trust. Trust yourself – Trust. Balance inaction with action while navigating the frenetics of your life. Make certain to take time for silence and solace for personal reflection.

This rare moon pulls you into deep rivers of emotion. Imparts you to plunge into the quiet & demands you settle the chaos, choosing moments of solitude – indifferent to the oceans of confusion, intolerance & lies.

Family/Relationships/Single: Self-evaluation, rebirth and positive transformation a time to purge any emotional baggage with productive intention. Relish this opportunity for one on one time with your partner or kids to organize, redesign and then donate from closets, cupboards, bedrooms remember the garage or outdoor space may need some spunk or smoothing out. Make certain to reflect and self-measure within before engaging intense personal interaction. Be willing to make changes and be flexible to fluctuating conditions will make things easier for yourself and those around you.

Presently it is clear exactly how you feel about someone and exactly how they feel about you. Also a great time to be mindful and stop destructive tendencies or behaviors. A time for adventure, partying, making love with warmth, romance, happiness and generosity.  Try a weekend getaway somewhere you can collect yourselves and let the earth envelope you with its change of season.

Unsettled moods and changeable tastes can lead you astray into lowering your standards or seduce you to become disloyal which may damage a friendship or end your relationship. An important time to let your relationship evolve to a deeper level or you may have clarity to cut your losses and be free to move on. Your expectations in your intimacy and sex life may be out of touch with reality, so see a couple’s counselor or join a class together to deepen your intimacy, generosity and sensuality.

Singles:  A time for love – good moon for dating, starting a new relationship as this moon entertains sociable loving influences. You could still be feeling strong, sexy, frisky and enthusiastic from the lingering glow of August 30th’s moon avoid a tendency toward impulsive, self-indulgent action that could lead to misunderstanding, embarrassment or accidents. Instead sink deep inside your core – acting then from a place of trust, rely upon faith and set your creative feathers a flight. Moving with precision into the ebb & flow of life, gives energy, initiative and a willingness to take risks. Be certain to moderate your energy and use strategy and forethought to avoid losses and physical or emotional exhaustion.

Job/Business: Wonderful time to make changes, take inventory, reorganize, recycle, shake up or donate those things no longer necessary for success. Your expectations in your career may be out of touch with reality. So refine and rethink what ignites passion within you to bring home the dough. Use forethought and strategically plan as you plunge deep with renewed interest in your current position or business. Try a new approach. You may be feeling your job or business is strong yet avoid a tendency toward impulsive termination, re-org or layoff’s. This could lead to miscalculations, errors and add a strain to long term growth. Opportunities for good fortune and growth exist with this new moon.

Money/Finance: Buckle your seatbelts for a rough ride. The fed lowering rates again is just a false show of strength in a tanking system with no confidence due to markets, banks and mortgage lending on crack. This crash will dump mid-February and this one, definitely plunges worse from the GOP fattening itself upon the deprivation of the elderly, families and middle class since December 2008.

The current administrations purported delusions of grandeur and false propaganda of strength is causing greater impacts to the burgeoning deficit. Use forethought and strategy with purchases before you engage sound investing with the opportunity of well researched in tech, real estate or those start-ups you can thoroughly support.

Although you may be feeling monetarily strong pacify impulsive tendencies with prudent purchases and a tactical plan so as not to lead to financial strain or miscalculations of revenue for third quarter or yearend results. Nail it down now until the rollercoaster financial tsunami passes.

In conclusion:  You might be asking:How can I be alright while the world is a big mess in cheesecloth of confusion, distortion and lies?” or “How can I spend, build or invest when the markets are so volatile and extractive destruction continues everywhere?”

You can’t be ok while the world around you is being aggressively destroyed. Implement actions how little or big wherever you can. Pick your moments to arise and champion causes, purchases or investments you deeply believe in. Come back to a place of trust. Pursue actively only what uplifts you, for by taking that time, you will be a worthwhile advocate for change.

Don’t dare give up under the weight of these unjust realities. Purification by fire is all it is. Focus your phoenix to arise from the ashes into rebirth, renewal, balance & harmony. Reset your dreams in solid motion. Bountiful are those who have taken the time to plant & nourish the seed as well as the soul. Compassion for your & others humanity will be the impetus to compel to Excel & Arise

Great time for self-evaluation, cleansing, resetting & redirection in all aspects of our lives. Relax, Breathe, Let go and Trust that Life has a way of working everything out.

Let faith take root & your dreams will simply manifest. Do whatever you can to change. With that I urge you take a listen (if you live under a rock) to the UN Climate Action Summit plea from Greta Thunberg yesterday: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/23/world/united-nations-greta-thunberg-children-climate-change-human-rights-complaint

Engage your senses this harvest, enjoy as you balance solitude and socialness, as a collective or within your communal Tribes to reap all the emotional growth you have sown. This moon’s dynamic is fluid and has enough tension to move and dance you through and around any obstruction. Let harnessed creativity take root and carry your exhilaration forward to change the world. As you hold the tension of opposites call up play inventively to navigate the polarities with greater ease and understanding.

New Eclipse Moon

July 2, 2019


So spectacular is the sky this July, beginning with the unstable total Solar Eclipse today, the 2nd began PST @ 9:20 am concluded 3:28 pm yet wasn’t seen unless you were on a yacht in the south Pacific or in S. America. The astronomical super bowl seen at an observatory Chile’s Atacama Desert many gathered there for the momentary experience.

July has many items to celebrate in the heavens with the Solar Eclipse, and a partial full Thunder Lunar Eclipse on the 16-17 and ends with dueling meteor showers on the 27-28th. depending on what part of Gaia you live. Happy independence for the USA and Bastille Day on the 14th, for France. 

Jupiter was the highlight of the night sky in June, July features Saturn and her dazzling rings closest to the Earth July 9th will be the brightest and most visible all night long. Great time to camp out under the stars, hike to that open meadow and see Saturn’s delightful rings peering through a telescope.

See this month as a large eclipse portal – which can be explosive or innovative depending on which place you come from and how you operate. An eclipse is the unconscious overtaking the conscious self in powerful or chaotic ways, so you could feel a need to cleanse and regenerated your way of life or an entirely fresh path opening for you in very organic ways. For a new moon is a time of renewal, regeneration or wrapping up activities and steps incomplete from previous full moon cycle. Put those dreams to paper engaging specific actions for your future.

Again the full Thunder Moon arrives with a partial lunar eclipse on July 16 – 17. Best fishing days are the 2-16 & 31. The second new Moon on the 31st – is called a Black Moon, although not astronomically recognized. This new moon is a time for emotional release and brings with it opportunities to begin a new chapter in your life. Packed with the potential to evolve the heart and implement growth in your life.

A mighty day for manifestation and entreating your dreams to come into fruition. Lunar eclipse in on the 16th is an ending to outdated views and rigid ideology so shift you’re perceptions and don’t take life so seriously. Keep a sense of humor and be willing to laugh at yourself will ease the sensitive emotions pricked this lunar cycle.

RELATIONSHIPS/FAMILY: Be prepared to shed tears and purge situations that aren’t serving your highest good. Moods change with the moon, and due to the eclipses you will be extra sensitive and sentimental. If you feel emotionally exposed, dig deep and allow it to be released. Round it off with a sense of humor and full belly laughs as you move forward with positive intention. This refreshingly optimistic portal of time if used can be moved beyond your limitations and help break through to greater personal freedom giving room to breathe.

It’s an important time to speak your innermost thoughts and express your true feelings. Use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Be mindful when speaking your truth – others may react.  Be clear to honor what they feel and express in their own personal way. This moon brings forward the energy of emotional healing and mending hearts. Use impulse control for Mercury is retrograde July 7th – Aug. 11th for communication can be powerful and potentially intense.

Speaking up or telling truth needs should be balanced having an awareness of others and where your ego and self-righteous personal perceptions may be out of hand. Due to the eclipse portal and its positive influences this an excellent time for enjoying good times with friends and principally your family. Let your expanded senses explore what is luxury to you with that special someone in pleasure, sensuality and humor. Splurge on a well-planned adventurous vacay or that camping trip you’ve always wanted to share with your partner or family at a dreamy mountain lake.

SINGLES: Due to the eclipse portal you will be sensitive and emotional. Prepare to cry and mindfully set aside situations or remove individuals that no longer serve you. Keep a sense of humor and laugh at your and others shortcomings. Good time to share your deepest intimate thoughts and express your feelings as you transport beyond limitations and arise to boundless personal freedom. This lunar energy will mend your heart, so engage in self-healing and the pursuit of self-love. Look for pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters or opportunities that are enlivening and more plentiful.

The time has come to own your sovereignty think to go inside and call for Higher Inspiration. Use this lunar energy to heal from old wounds or negative habits and call up laughter as you polarize that loving partner into your life.  An eclipse is a celebrated time for leveling up your life so get out there and plunge into a triste with an individual who may not be someone you are generally drawn to. Allow your accentuated senses to query luxuriously into playful sexuality.

Be certain to show the more flamboyant spontaneous side of your personality using humor, sensuality and gratification. This new moon you are likely to have chance encounters or meet someone with a diverse ethnic background or culture. Be discerning and remember good taste.

BUSINESS/JOB: After your hard work look for pleasant surprises in your job or business, there will be opportunities to be recognized for your contributions and appreciation or rewards for a job well done. Be sure to leave behind what is no longer necessary as you move forward. Think twice about how you want to express yourself. Let your communications be focused and small scale due to Mercury retrograde on the 7th with disrupting influences.

Speaking up, telling the truth needs to be balanced with awareness of others and awareness of where your ego and self-righteous personal views may be out of hand. With this in check also have contracts signed, financial affairs in order and quota’s met before hiring that extra help or opening a new location. Your approach should be with kindness vs meanness. Riches and luxury are on the forecast for this lunar period, so indulge sensibly within reason.

MONEY/FINANCES: Market is still low and flopping, like a fish out of water, so settle in for the long term gain. Tighten your belt where you need to and put that extra flow toward future expansion. Great time to engage in long term impacts of International and personal dispute settlements. Use foresight and innovative forward thinking rather than the rear view mirror. Put that rear view exactly where it belongs behind you.

This is not a time to hold on to old ideas – so invest in sound technological advancement and discoveries, with a focus on intelligence and scientific endeavors. Risk within reason. Mercury retrograde on the 7th has disrupting influences so have contracts signed, financial affairs in order and quota’s met before then.  Riches, luxury and pleasure are on the menu for this lunar junction – so splurge within reason, making certain to balance the books beforehand. Share the wealth – give as you receive.

In Summary: Drive safe! Balance telling the truth with awareness of others and awareness of where your viewpoint could be askew. This is a time of emotional release, healing and evolving the heart with expansive opportunities to renew and possibly turn your whole life around. Higher heart and higher love are awakening in a new way so keep your sense of humor and remember to laugh often. This eclipse portal is an innovative time for leveling up your life. So it is wise to bring people together and use this accentuated power to engage in peaceful negotiations without seeking recognition for you efforts. Stay humble.

It is an auspicious time to make your dreams come true while acting with patience, open mindedness and put in the hard work to imbibe in what feels luxurious, rich and pleasurable.  Excellent time to spend pointed time with family and friends. Bring people together and resolve any conflicts through peaceful resolutions.

Now is a potent time for innovation, stretching yourself, your partner, your business. Get your dreams on paper with detailed plans that put yourself, partner and family in the forefront for a renewed start to the future. Begin to live the dynamic life that’s meant for you. Making time to enjoy all the resplendence nature and the vast night sky has to offer this July.

New Strawberry Moon


Today the beloved Moon passes close to Mercury in the night sky, whose fragrance is ripe with wild flowers and strawberry blossoms. Risk a jaunt at sunset 8:55 pm PST to see this planet with your naked eye and Mars (10 x’s smaller try binoculars) an hour past sunset.  Curtsy (or bow) on the way to upliftment as you find solace outdoors – let the setting heat of Ra’ caress your skin, the beckoning scent of rain and unique brilliance of colors cast in the loam of a possible thunderstorm.

June’s new moon is the best time to see celestial events with the naked eye. We are human, remember to step often with stillness and in gratitude to satiate your senses by dipping into the magnificent world which surrounds. Certainly nature’s flavor is much more appealing than what is going on in the U.S. government upon the world stage?

As always the New Moon is a time of beginnings and for wrapping up projects. Set your goals and plans into action as this new moon is the last window that opens easily for the next few months. There is an abundance of possibilities amidst a smorgasbord of options that could feel overwhelming yet attractive right now. It is absolutely imperative to keep your feet on the ground and your focus fixed on what you desire to attain. Implement working ideas with actions that improve the quality of life.

Be mindful not to waste your time chasing too many butterflies. Write down your thoughts and dreams while giving yourself the time to breath and think but lean into your intuition to make any final decisions of action. A great time to open a salacious dialogue in the garden, start a debate about the future in an outdoor fountain or incite an expansive discussion with tea on your morning stroll.

Best time to travel or move, mow your grass for growth, graft, pollinate or prune trees that aren’t in bloom and best fishing days are 3-17th an hour before dawn and hour before dusk.

For some this month will be very trying to sort out fact from fiction. New moon in the month of June and with it comes duality.  Probably the greatest challenge will be it seems filled with promise and you’re so touched by the possibility of something better that errors of judgement are possible. Pay attention to your gut if you have a sense of apprehension, take heed. 

Life may feel challenging, solemn and noxious. Like the planet is falling apart, tensions are intensifying, and no leadership seems to be taking any responsibility for regenerating the planet or its people. We are experiencing what it means to live through unprecedented times of extraction and transition.  

The more prepared and flexible you are the easier it will be to take a look at what is behind the curtain. Look behind the scenes – as incredible amounts of fear and a need for control are being released now.  It is wise to be quiet and go inside rather than be swept up in the streams of deceit. Discern and use your intuition, get beneath what holds you back or where you are indulging fantasy, rather than inspiration and attainment.

Relationships/Family: Great time to move, travel or secure your desire to roam, accept invitations and enjoy the moments of early summer. Important to be honest and honorable with others and to do what it takes in discernment to make certain others are also being honest with you. Feel your feelings, move through your grief, honor your emotion and nurture what is budding within you.

Go within and feel beneath what you are committed to and what you are ready to leave behind. This is a time of great love and/or great loss, surrender and letting go.  Adaptability in making changes and a willingness to keep up with the pace of these times will go a long way towards your relationships future attainment. Seek clarity as you interact with spouse and family.

Children all over the world feel vulnerable a bit frightened and excited during this static time. So make certain you are taking the time to hear them, nurture and nourish their spirits as well as their bodies. Accentuate the Positive! Take time to dance, finger paint, pick flowers, and plant vegetables in the garden – showing them how to be consistent in watering and feeding the new life.

Many may act out – so find quiet one on one time for them to positively emote. What is “challenging” can be turned into opportunities like tie dyeing or drawing on T shirts, get them out of doors with focused activities to play and enjoy the innocence of their childhood, might remind you of yours too.

Feminine Healing Energy is being strummed with this New Moon which is greatly needed on Gaia. Our bodies are yearning to cope as you have greater stimulation and with this you may feel excited and exhausted as you are being drawn to open yourself to a more global planetary presence. Grab hold of the Feminine force for transformation that deepens structure and stability.

Singles: As you’ve been focusing on your inner relationship or pursuit of personal balance in past few months. Time to break open your mind and enjoy the experiences your life yields as it intersects with the world. Be flexible yet prepared. Expect “Facts and Information” to rule the day. Gather information, take part in conversation and engage others to pursue idea after idea that expands and opens their minds.

Be a scintillating seedling surfing the atmosphere. Now is an excellent time to join a group or collective cause you feel a deep affinity for. Take the time to go inside and call for Higher Inspiration then stretch and extend outward to greater experiences. June’s strawberry moon is a great time to set short and long term goals and make an action plan for how to achieve them.

 It’s easy to be deluded or mislead, media manipulation is possible so don’t just take things as they appear on the surface. The more flexible and prepared you are the more likely you are to succeed with the endeavors you set forth with this New Moon. Great time to pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t talked within awhile.  Let your creative juices flow with a dramatic flair with art or dance around the 14th, also a great time to write a letter to someone you love.

Business/Job: Ask for what you want and strike while the iron is hottest on the 10th for your best outcome. Enjoy the moment yet keep it to yourself and remain humble. Let your communications be focused and small scale as it is easy to take things too personally. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Potential to disrupt power structures so approach meticulously educated and navigate steadily. Large scale changes afoot. Great time to set goals and wrap up projects begun during last full moon.

Generate new ideas and seek to stimulate or broaden information. Also a time where fact and fiction get mixed up – so illusions, delusions, mirages, lies – be cautious of those who seek to sway your mind. Get past any misjudgments or where you may be prone to exaggerations – keep these in check. If you are scattered – take the time to get focused and implement those goals you’ve set for yourself, your business or your employees.

If you are tittering on an edge – dancing between one or more perspectives or realities – Choose a direction and walk forward with bravery giving it all of your heart. Be careful as you listen to the words of others and be mindful of any tendency you may have to “manipulate” in an effort to control.

Money/Finances: Still keeping an eye on the bottom line the best time to loosen your belt is 8th – 12th, without being showy or extravagant. Good time to buy that house you’ve been saving for or sign any financial contracts or binding agreements. Being certain to curb any tendency to overindulge your wallet and bank account. Start to think differently about how you earn and manage your dough.

Whether that is investing in more non-traditional arenas or being less extravagant or flashy with your wealth. Remember cash is king so don’t binge on credit cards instead invest. Plan and budget now so you don’t feel overwhelm with regret later in the month.

In Summary: It is a moon full of duality like discerning inspiration from imitation or transcendence from interference. Element of brilliance during this time yet remember with every flower the seed needs consistent nourishment, watering and nurturing. Whether that is for you, your relationship (or future relationship), family, job, business or financial future.

Make certain you are not chasing a rainbow and if you do – keep your feet planted firmly on solid ground. Make certain you take time to pong the petunia’s and have fun without taking yourself or others too seriously. Focus is still on financial security and saving for that rainy day to retire with grace. Dogeza my fervent followers for this articles twilight!

May Blue Full Flower Moon


6/18/2019 @ 1:11 pm PST

May’s Full Flower Moon is not blue in color, it’s blue because it’s the third full moon since the Equinox. Other names Bella is known by are: Corn planting, Mother and Milk Moon, all self-explanatory. A Blue Moon is an older and preferred seasonal definition. Referred to since it is a natural phenomenon – the third of four full moons in one season. A season being the time or period between the March 2019 equinox and the upcoming June 2019 solstice. In contrast to the monthly definition of a Blue Moon: the second of two full moon’s found in a month. This can be challenged by the “artificial constraint” of a calendar month.

This Purnama is like a tsunami rupturing phobias or obsessions as its undercurrents carry you shrieking, bewildered and naked over its bedrock of change, to delight and then more change. Be strong in the midst of its waves. The next seasonal Blue Moon will not grace us until August 2021. You’ve heard the phrase: “Once in a blue moon”? Maybe you never wanted to know this much about lovely Luna.

I find gratitude the rain brings, as it softens human temperaments, tranquil I dig, root and weed the wild garden satisfied by liquid gold that readies my clay soil n’ seedlings. This Full Moon brings with it tender yet powerful opportunities to go deep inside yourself and cleanse that which doesn’t serve you, release what may be holding you back and bids you live up to your richest potential and transform your life.  Peel back the layers to nourish your tender roots, it’s not what you are doing but how you are doing it.  Take the time to retreat into the still whisper of a deeper inhale, relax in the pregnant pause between-that’s where the satiating release to let go happens on your exhale. This Flower Moon draws you in like a hummingbird to nectar and demands you consider what breathes true in your heart and exhales action into your dreams.

The green light continues to clear, self-evaluate and deeply probe beneath the surface. Look underneath and pierce through any masks, like a hawk grouses a prairie dog, scurry to peel back and uncover. Take a deep breath as you give yourself permission to release any burdens and step forward to replenish, reawaken and continue in your transformative process. It’s what you make of this voyage called life that matters most and sets the foundation for the future. Be still as you let this Full Moon’s flower magic guide you where you need to release and slip beauty into alignment with what you desire to be. Find the miracles and have gratitude in your smaller everyday things.

Relationships & Family: This Full Moon will sharpen the focus on home, family and intimate relationships. Go inside and think before you let loose your ugly inner voice or give your opinion – use self-control to curtail potential arguments. .  Resist the temptation to be self-centered, obsessive and over-think as this will lead to dissimilarities and prejudgments or trigger fears, obsessions and addictions. Look at the positive instead of polarizing the disparities. Temper aggression or victimization by engaging empathy and seek out positive transformation.  These mayar qualities of emotions and instincts heighten during Full Chandra and this one is set to ignite the deeper crevices in any relationships veneer. A great moon to come to terms with yourself and your past individually and collectively with partner and family. Deeply buried feelings and memories may surface and rationalization will cause difficulties in communicating. Issues of power and control may unfold as this Moon activates the ancient recesses of the psyche. Use this increased emotional strength and intuition to rise above and defy any relationship disputes. The illumination makes it easy to spot any negative feelings or dynamics within your relationship calling you into harmony. This Mother Moon is about quality of life.

Singles: Get out and mingle is your jingle! Invite someone you don’t know to wine tasting, for a walk, to tea or a flower show – take a risk, see how intimately you can get to know their interests, goals and desires – (sans phone/electronics) – if timid bring a friend. Muraco calls you to work and beautify, to eat and make love, to relax and stretch to place a qualified partner on your cool side of the bed. Live to indulge, yet be comfortable and secure. Seek to satisfy any craving for skin to skin or heart to heart connections – better yet satisfy both. Use this powerful moon to increase your emotional strength, confidence and intuition to receive the call of a partner at your front door. Statistic: There are more single healthy American’s than ever before! The 2017 U.S. census reported 45.2 percent unmarried people over the age of 18 – that is 110.6 million – think you can find one or more that syncs magnificently with what you have to offer?

Job & Business:  On that note – where to start? If your job or business isn’t satisfying your quality of life, time for change is now. Educate yourself, boldly ask for a raise, save up and research what it takes to move up or expand in your current job or business. Make certain your material needs are taken care of as you step up and evolve your skillset. Businesses will be tightening their belts this quarter, so quality control, inventory and taking stock of education and attributes of employee’s will prove poignant for your bottom line. Rather than polarizing disparities evaluate and elevate what is positive about your employee’s and company. Expand on what is working! Probe, research and develop details of your business model and modify product lines to reach a broader market share. Market, market, market – get your business out there – is the mantra of a top 500 CEO’s and Spring is the season to flow.

Money & Finances: Having your material needs taken care of will give you peace of mind this Full Moon. Live to thriftily indulge in those items that make your life more secure, efficient and comfortable. Manage your finances –take control, pay your taxes, property taxes are due, a time to collect or set inheritances, evaluate and let go of some material possessions – evaluate, pare down, organize, invest wisely for your long term future now. Take stock of your assets, income, expenses, reduce your debts and save for your bigger goals. Spend only on what is important to you and save for future purchases. Re-prioritize your stocks, CD’s or re-assess your retirement plan. Invest in renewable energy, thoroughly assess solid real estate, now is a great time to make well researched investments into innovative sustainable green companies – which are the future. Fully research, plan ahead and organize what best suits you and your family – as many will be moving to a new home during this season.

I end with a question: Why is our government “…For the People” doing everything it can to take away the Rights of those People?

A FEW examples – fracking our soils, polluting the air we breathe and water we drink – ripping the roots of our old growth forests in the false guise of “fire control”, removing protections to all that is near and dear to you, mass incarcerations, multi-state obstruction of voting rights, ban of Indigenous lands and rights, women’s rights and access to health care for women. We must stand TOGETHER to retrieve what is important to all!

No Planet B

Let’s dig deep, root it out and plan for our collective future! We are all on Earth together – I know that’s a moronic statement, I shouldn’t have to state at all. We have every opportunity to change things for Earth right here and now – Together! We all come from the same human race and have collectively destroyed this planet for as long as I can remember!

Nations and corporations will have to respond to what you demand! So forgive and let’s get along and get REAL busy: get your carbon footprint in check ie: Walk, ride your bike rather than drive. Know how much power you use and balance it! Cherish the water you drink, the water you bathe in, the creeks, streams, rivers and ocean. All hold LIFE and must be clean and abundant if we are to thrive. Be mindful of your waste whether that is from your body, food – in your city dump, electronic dump or World garbage. Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Purpose! Many more jobs can be CREATED in recycling – just the overburden of plastics in our oceans & landfills have become a profitable COMMODITY!

Peace is the Revolution, now! Reach out to your city, state, U.S. government and all World governments – please write, call and meet with your elected leaders and implore them to begin today to work for and invest ONLY the well being of the EARTH, it’s inhabitants as citizens – families, children and elders.

There is no Planet B. Insist that ALL start now – clear and unify their focus and detail plans that take imperative actions to heal our air, soils, water, waterways and oceans by investing only in renewable and sustainable farming and communities, utilities, education and schools, courts, businesses and corporations dedicated to: improving and upgrading infrastructures, support citizen’s and families, free open education for all, unified healthcare, scientifically based action plans, free open internet access, apologize, recognize and make retribution to all Indigenous American’s & Tribes: learn from them – holding to our precious natural resources – the earth, air, forests, streams, rivers and oceans, fish, marine and wildlife.

Let’s do whatever it takes to re-ignite genuine human kindness and light our pioneering, innovative strength of spirit to flame broad swift actions. Let’s come together and be the worldwide leaders of renewal, innovation and industry. American’s are #1 polluter on this planet and have been for most of my lifetime! Let’s change that today and throughout the WORLD.

Divided we fall – Unified is our strength. It’s limitless what we can do together moving our dreams into actions that uplift our communities, country and make the world superior for everyone. This powerful new moon calls us collectively to reawaken America to its responsibility and return as world leaders and the superpower we know, hope, believe and dream to be. Let’s do this TOGETHER!