Before I go into all that – I enjoy playing and laughing a lot and imbibe daily in all the elements of life.  I live in the S. Oregon Cascade Range USA with my partner of 23 years, our dogs, cats, our art, music and garden.

My Background:

I am the 3rd child in a multi-cutural family of seven, all adopted by a single mother. I am a retired Registered Nurse having worked for 17 years in ER/Trauma, Labor & Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care, Acute Surgical & Burn Unit, Rehabilitation, Drug & Alcohol Detox, finishing up my nursing career in Integrative Nutritional Medicine working with bio and micro-nutrient evaluation through hair analysis, blood labs, UA’s & fecal evaluation as well as vitamin mineral supplements and IV nutrient replacement.

I worked as CEO and operations manager of a multi-state financial firm, ORAM Enterprises, a corporation with 3 Divisions – Retail, Commercial and Wholesale mortgage Lending; as a financial consultant for 12 years in Oregon, Washington and California. Handled accounts payable/receivable and payroll and quarterly/yearly taxes for small businesses and large corporations over the past 20 years. I have an MBA from Southern Oregon University, graduating in 1994.

I have lived abroad in Paris, FR and worked in France, Britain and Greece as well as the US as a Consultant, Financial Analyst, Small Business Consultant, specializing in Small Business Retention/Management, Real Estate Acquisitions & Property Management and Purchase/Sale Agreements.

I have worked in leadership and service roles in the past 35 years that allow me to assist others to improve their client base, enhance their business and financial success, improve the quality of their financial portfolio and improve interpersonal relationships to themselves, their partners, clients, communities and their children.

I have a long background of donating and volunteering in women’s & children’s causes and crisis shelter’s in S. Oregon and various community organization including CEO & CFO for Blue Flame, Inc. A former, 501.C3 Non-profit Organization in So. Oregon dedicated to the Upliftment & Quality of All Life. It is no longer functioning yet I continue to serve my community, natural living eco systems and individual’s throughout the world.

My Homeostatic & Healing capacities include: International Rebirther, Intuitive Healer ie: Traeger, Shiatsu, AccuPressure Deep Tissue assessment & integrative whole body Treatments, Integrative Essential Oils & Treatment w/Young Living Essential Oils, Homeopathic & Flower Essences, Teacher of Healing and Channeling, Retreat Organizer and Facilitator.

I am also an Healing Practitioner of rare expertise whose unique qualifications provide me with a broad toolbox to draw from. My study of, application and mentoring of spiritual teachers, therapists, healers and business owner’s spans three decades many of whom have attained amazing results.

Immersing myself in different levels of spiritual expansion and sacred practice, daily application of Vedic & Buddhist wisdom through conscious action, healing, and teaching all of these practices have immensely enriched my life.  I am a avid seeker of TRUTH and bridge efficiently the scientific, functional and spiritual expressions.

I have worked in leadership and service roles in the past 35 years that allow me to assist others to enhance communities and systems, improve the quality of their relationships to themselves, their partners, clients, communities and their children.

I am deeply passionate about world peace, harmony, balance, compassion and joyful living that uplifts all I come in contact with.  I am also passionate about equality for all people from all walks of life, strength and well being of women and children, improving the longevity of health, sustainable conscious living, nurturing and regenerating pure – Gaia (Mother Earth), value and respect for ALL life and sustained financial abundance for all.