Full Pink Super Moon

April 17, 2020 @ 7:36 pm PST

Balance   Justice    Reset

Tender blades of grass peek through and greet the morning sun as plump mushrooms brave the frost cast over the rich brown earth with their tan crowns stretching towards heaven. Spring has awoken the forest under this full “pink” moon. The pink ground phlox or moss pink flowers of Native Tribes is what calls us to this Pink Moon also known as the Fish Moon.  It is best viewed on the night of the 18th where it will be its nearest most full bright shine in the night sky

April’s full moon could bring frost, so don’t plant the temperamental seedlings or bare root fruit trees just yet and cover those fragile plants and shrubs. If the moon is pale expect rain. Great time to weed, trim, hedge or cut your hair or beard. It is also known as the Fish moon as the name implies – great time for fishing – especially when the temperature is mid 50’s in the hours before sunrise and sunset.

What was once a pagan celebration of renewal represents the coming of spring, light, melting snow, coming of the rains, growth and rebirth.  Then became a Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection over death. Now this full moon and time involves magical rabbits, colored eggs and pastel dresses shared with overindulgences of ham, lamb and chocolate, representations that mean nothing of the season

Have you bowed in devotion to Mother Earth, planted a seed or stood in humility at the stations of the cross (applied to your own inequities) where can you now take action and ARISE? It is now time to overcome any tendency to be lazy or selfish. Time to overcome pessimism, fear, insecurity, doubt or poor self-image and lean forward with hope, foresight, generosity, patience, perseverance, passion and a willingness for hard work.

Once you have addressed your own feelings and experience of this global shock – and the shock has slightly dissipated; next is to view clearly the layers of emotions and pain. We then must take the time to feel and process the present but also the layers and all its ripples into our personal and collective past. All those times we didn’t take the time and energy to look deeper at unresolved issues. You will gain clarity by perceiving what is really going on to discern with wisdom and unflinching dignity and seek what is to be done about it, with firm resolve.

This is a time for gratitude and appreciating the Gift of Sacred balance and right-relation with the things surrounding you. You will feel an ability to see opposing views and better accept the full spectrum of what exists what exists for others in their perspective and experience and find harmony. Find the middle ground and draw a bridge of balance in this time of uncertainty and great change. Facing the challenge of inner and outer harmony individually, in your relationships and as a nation. Develop greater discipline, patience and proper timing paired with a level of tension that makes you feel like you need to do something now to manage and resolve your situation. Do not become impatient to the point where you overlook the steps necessary for success to be attained. A good question you could be asking yourself now is:

What can I do to be of use – For my family, my community, my nation and our world – take personal responsibility and accountability.  ARISE from that which challenges you and become ENGAGED in the communion of change. This is the time which calls for us to “Reset”. This is an international problem that needs international answers. America is no longer being looked upon as an example. We need to take this as a moment of deep reckoning about who we are? Then reset how our government and world governments respond to the lives of their citizens. Reset how you interact within the natural world that you are privileged to live within.

Relationships & Family: Maybe it is a better time to listen rather than talk and avoid pushing any agenda if you face resistance. You may have to dig deep for equal and fair relationships right now in this time of sequester and togetherness which on the one hand may be harder and more necessary right now at this time of co-habitation your relationships may be stretched to their limits under the current quarantine.

Anything you may have been avoiding or have shoved under the rug or sidestepped due to differing schedules is now painfully obvious and unavoidable. In spite of potential breakdowns or because of them you now have a greater opportunity to realize breakthroughs.

Bringing into the Light relationships, partnerships – commitments, compromises and collaborations. Easier to see what is out of balance right now and remember that this light makes it easy to see the imbalance but this time did not create it. Through this “full” vision you can see what is going on behind the scenes and from this disruption can bring you freedom, liberation and revelation. Relax sit back and find your willingness to see behind the curtain at who is pulling the strings. From this place you have the power to create what you never felt possible.

The children are our future, let them write down their dreams and goals for their future and how they want to see, feel and experience the world around them from this point forward. Encourage them to dream and create “Vison Boards” of what they want their lives to be after this quarantine ends. We must all be willing to be uncomfortable and use our discomfort to get impassioned and active in the fires of change.

Single: If you are single, you are feeling the most alone and will find reaching out to friends and family more consoling than usual. Even if you are happy living a solitary life, you may feel a greater need to connect to friends and family. The fullmoon is the best opportunity to reach out on your dating apps and seek out future potential partners. It is also a great time for going within and refining those qualities you seek to enhance for yourself. This quarantine and full moon should give you greater clarity on what you desire in the partner you are calling to you.

Job & Business: The tides are beginning to shift – having reached a “threshold state”: One looking back and the other moving forward, leads you to tear yourself away from the known and familiar to that which is fresh, new and innovate to more of what you desire to create from your dreams. Doing so can produce very positive outcomes if you channel this energy creatively with foresight and focused intention. So temper your excitement for change with efficient and grounded productivity. Use your restlessness and impulsiveness to dig deep into the creative tempo of life. At this time you are forced to view your life in a new way – which may bring up oppositional defiance for no apparent reason. Work towards funding and maintaining your positive business applications for the next 60-90 days, so when your doors can open you are ready to hit the ground running.

**For more information – click on “Search” at bottom my Home Page and type in “Boost for Small Business” & “Boost for Small Business2”.

Money & Finances: Avoid going further into debt by overusing credit cards or spending money on unnecessary items. Time for fine-tuning or completion of monetary goals. Its springtime so make adjustments and reel in the harvest of big fish. Don’t be rushed into making important decisions, right now, instead think it through and take the time to research to make sound purchases and investments in the future.

This will pass eventually and when it does be ready, have your financial ducks in a row. This is one of those times many have lost money and others are busy making wealth off of others loss. This is a time to reach out if you have plenty, share/donate time and money, researching new financial terms, making donations to those populations in greater need, seek out lenders who think outside of the box, ask favors from investors with a plan for repayment, barter while making negotiations, look for or expand bargains, or for plain modesty in self-promotion. A good time to make investments in good companies with a sound business model and stable experienced employees.

Good time to break free from bad financial investments and show restraint while creatively changing to a more diverse portfolio. Don’t allow impulsive energy to affect your ego and take steps to avoid any further unnecessary risks or rebel against financial restraint. Deal with any fear, pessimism or self-doubt before taking pulling out the money clip. Temper yourself with balancing the accounts, know that being aggressive and reactive may be followed by conflicts and possible threats to your bottom line. Flexibility will help you make adjustments in response to the vast changes in current market situations.

In conclusion: Reel yourself in and refocus. Let yourself dream of how you want the world to be once no longer sequestered and prepare for the steps you will take to implement dreams and goals.

Pay attention to the old masquerading as the new and choose instead to no longer be bound to old characteristics bring forward instead your diplomatic, dignified self that seeks freedom and is willing to mentor in a new social-emotional expression. Whatever it is you may be moving through, bring Love into it. Love is the healing balm we need to move through this now. Soinvoke Love, feel and share it often, for Love is necessary now more than ever.

Living systems adapt by transforming themselves. Learning this is and applying ourselves to the re-organization of the current systems we live within are important to implement right now. This situation is forcing us to adapt to the world how it is now and rise up within ourselves and evolve. We don’t know where we are going, nor what will take us there so it is important we have a hope of blessing, health, peace and harmony carried through us into our future.

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