Spring Equinox


Equal night and day for this Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern hemisphere. We are cast, in this moment worldwide, headstrong against the pillars which hold up the structure of our lives – Governments, Economy, Corporations & Local/Regional/Familial environments.

This Spring/Fall Equinox isn’t going to blossom quietly to say the least. Energize your actions and lean into your expansiveness as this Pandemic forces our world to take a clear look at reshaping society and technology. It calls us to unite beyond rigid thoughts and mores brought in and highlighted into ‘analysis paralyses’ must be cut loose into Springs/Fall Equinox’s obstinate and fast moving energy.

Set your weapons down if power struggles arise and instead give way to innovation spurning breakthroughs to burst forth. Change is in the air this equinox so it is BEST to center within yourself and from that place go with what flows; rather than having one foot on the brake & the other on the gas, which is so uncomfortable for humans feeling at the effect of repeated inconsistencies’ our current US Administrations’ oligarchic misinformation that refutes opportunities to uplift and lead. In that stead let joy and passion help you to disengage and move to the beat of your own focused intentions for the greater good of all.

Doing some physical, mental & spiritual spring/fall cleaning, depending on which side of the equator you live on, will help you sift through to the facts before making any binding decisions for the upcoming seasons. Center instead on fresh starts, creative opportunities and new beginnings. Let your passion fire up to compete with courage and fight for your dreams – set bold intentions to unfold your future.  

Move forward in naked honesty with unapologetic excitement that inspires action.  Nurture yourself with good food, healthy exercise and jovial interactions while maintaining six feet circumference between you & those acquaintances’. This too shall pass if we pay attention, sit still and take actions that preferably awaken.

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