March 31, 2020

No one knows where businesses are going right now, worldwide – You are not alone.

Here are some tips and advice to help your business stay healthy:

  • Pay your bills – get invoices out to generate income. Reach out and negotiate with your landlord, vendors, and utilities. Have a plan for repayment or partial payment – don’t go into negotiations unprepared. Make certain you can sustain next 60 days & walk back into your business ASAP.
  • Contact your local & state offices re: Payroll taxes, Quarterlies etc.… & negotiate payments. Research & plan for what is available beyond 90 days. Find out what assistance is available locally, at the state and federal level.
  • Survive by staying relevant and in the forefront for your customers & contacts. They appreciate hearing from you. Ask customers what they need. Ship, Send or Drop off JUST Sell using phone, text, door to door, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook.
  • SAY NO on gift cards they are a hard sale in tough times. Instead: Reach out and ask how you can help &/or post “how to” podcast or vid’s that relate to your services. Or re-shape your services or products for them. Get products & services to their door, cell, tablet or computer.
  • Brainstorm with your employee’s to see how you can “social distance” and still do business. Stagger work schedules, everyone pitch in to clean and disinfect.
  • Use any surplus of inventory – partner with complimentary businesses to get product to consumers.  (*You have equipment – another company ships/delivery – collaborate)
  • Retain employees – make certain they are covered. As a large or small business owner a big expense is getting & keeping valuable employees.
  • Discuss with your employee’s any idea’s they may have to expand, expedite or innovate within the company but they hadn’t had the opportunity to act upon or bring up the idea. Implement.
  • Collaborate you may have extra staff where a complimentary company doesn’t have enough people. If you have a surplus of employee’s offer them to another business till your door reopens. Your employees are valuable, reliable and trained this could be a great way to keep them employed in the short term.
  • Discounts/Deals – Promotional considerations – What I have in stock to donate or help those who need it. Exchange or trade services. (*Real estate work for clients to find good lenders, restaurant/bakery/vintner work with delivery service to get orders out. Exchange for online website development or social media promotion.)
  • Research banks/lenders willing to do small term business loan or put funds on back end of agreements to Stay Open. Local Credit Unions are a good resource.
  • Reach out to other competitor’s or complimentary businesses who may be in better financial straits for short term loan or assistance. 

Uncommon times take innovative and uncommon measures and approaches to make certain we can all remain healthy in business and our lives.

Spring Equinox


Equal night and day for this Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern hemisphere. We are cast, in this moment worldwide, headstrong against the pillars which hold up the structure of our lives – Governments, Economy, Corporations & Local/Regional/Familial environments.

This Spring/Fall Equinox isn’t going to blossom quietly to say the least. Energize your actions and lean into your expansiveness as this Pandemic forces our world to take a clear look at reshaping society and technology. It calls us to unite beyond rigid thoughts and mores brought in and highlighted into ‘analysis paralyses’ must be cut loose into Springs/Fall Equinox’s obstinate and fast moving energy.

Set your weapons down if power struggles arise and instead give way to innovation spurning breakthroughs to burst forth. Change is in the air this equinox so it is BEST to center within yourself and from that place go with what flows; rather than having one foot on the brake & the other on the gas, which is so uncomfortable for humans feeling at the effect of repeated inconsistencies’ our current US Administrations’ oligarchic misinformation that refutes opportunities to uplift and lead. In that stead let joy and passion help you to disengage and move to the beat of your own focused intentions for the greater good of all.

Doing some physical, mental & spiritual spring/fall cleaning, depending on which side of the equator you live on, will help you sift through to the facts before making any binding decisions for the upcoming seasons. Center instead on fresh starts, creative opportunities and new beginnings. Let your passion fire up to compete with courage and fight for your dreams – set bold intentions to unfold your future.  

Move forward in naked honesty with unapologetic excitement that inspires action.  Nurture yourself with good food, healthy exercise and jovial interactions while maintaining six feet circumference between you & those acquaintances’. This too shall pass if we pay attention, sit still and take actions that preferably awaken.

Full Worm Super Moon

Cleanse Unearth Organize

3/9/2020 @ 10:48 am PST

Full Worm Super Moon as its luminary “perigee” (closest to earth) is burgeoning you to question all your life choices and start taking actions to cleanse and self-heal which is all very key this month. Best time to view it is at moon rise for your area. The Worm Moon brings with it a desire for balance and the energy to implement solutions to reach greater harmony. A time for hard work, patience and critical thinking. Not being done by many these days – it would help to take or re-visit English Comp II. This worm moon also provides you with an extra kick you’ll need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

This super moon is a wet one as it assists the soil in its thaw to loosen and bring forth the rich brown fat with translucent earthworm castings mixed with roots and bright shades of green that rings in spring. The robin appears and plucks these round plump morsels from the dirt as the call of snow geese echoes upon piercing winds. Migrating flocks move north to find or return to their ideal field to mate.

A wise moon to bow forward, plant seeds and tree starts in the moist soils of spring snow and rains. Dance in the ancient rites and rituals that resound to celebrate the Vernal Equinox coming on the 19th in the N. Hemisphere. Happy abundant harvest or stockpiling in tillage rites that may occur in the Autumnal Equinox for those of you in the S. Hemisphere.

The first super moon in a succession of three – the next being April and May, remember and give honor to bring a lot of water worldwide, especially to some dramatically needed in drought regions like California, Oregon, Washington reviving their breadbasket and water stores, including those in the South such as the Amazon, Australia, Africa filling their lakes, rivers, streams and forests which have also seen drought conditions these past few years.

Gratitude held for much needed snowpack’s and a pregnant length of time before it’s melt pours to fill the deep aquaphor’s of Sequoia’s, Cascades, Siskiyou’s, Rockies and those in Midwest and South. Certain those in the East and Southeast would be delighted to share their abundance this winter.

Relationships & Family: This moon gives us “Focus” and more specifically focus on relationships. It may motivate you to put more effort into your personal relationships, which could need a lot of TLC right now. It is finally time to face your life and relationships head on and take care of whatever imbalances that have been overloading the scales. Rather than cut people out of your life, maybe you are willing to simply reach out to them and address the status of your relationship. First truthfully evaluate your responsibilities within the relationship, then approach them in a calm, kind and progressive manner. This position may help you drive things into a healthier place. So sit down and evaluate who helps you attain your highest self and who doesn’t. Time to release those personal relationships that aren’t working for your greatest attainment.

Once you have breathed the life back into the central relationships around you it is vital to shift your focus from “me” to “we”. We are all in this together – so roll up your sleeves and let’s get started. The indiscretions will come out and the truth will be revealed by the end of the month. Once that’s done you can easily open up some time for basic self-care or free flying passions.

Job & Business: Make certain you have a detailed account of your improvements and projects to back up whatever advancement or pay increase you may be asking for. This full moon is a good time to let go of that job that saps your productive essence. Take the risk to jump into the job you dreamed about and flex your ingenuity, creativity or inventive muscles in a new beginning.

It is an essential time to evaluate and organize business relationships and partnerships head on while you take care of whatever disparities, discrepancies or inequalities which may be tipping the scales. Be certain to clearly evaluate and take stock.  It is fundamental that you take care of your fiscal responsibilities and then advance your directive.

Use simple diplomacy and manage your negotiations while you pay close attention to any details or stated timelines. Now is the time to let go of or relinquish those employees, clients or business partnerships that are not working toward your greatest business success. Initiate these conversations and communicate in a cool, compassionate and open-minded clear and honest way. Time to release those partnerships that are not working.

Money & Finance: This worm moon calls you organize and manage your money and invest in the future. A tipsy market doesn’t make you want to spread your financial wings, yet with temperance during the lows is a good time for well researched stable buys. Put money away for a rainy day and for future endeavors. Mortgage rates just lowered set forth an opportunity to refinance or begin looking into the purchase of that unique home, investment property or set forth plans for new expansion. Show restraint – don’t let all the cats out of the bag. Pay close attention to the specific details of agreements, contracts and interests then advance with certainty or hold off till you feel confident for future transactions.

In conclusion:

The Equinox being a time where the light of day and the dark of night are equalized. The lull of winter melts away into the earth and the worms turn the deep rich brown readying for seed. The bears awaken from their long hibernation and commence their unwieldy forage.

You will find the clarity to expose what has not been working and the confidence of focus to bring about the solutions and results you have been passionate for. This will last for the next few weeks. So, find the time to go inside and “feel out” your new strengths and your clearer vision of your bright future. Trust your gut and lean into your intuition. Take advantage of this opportunity and embody practicality and pay attention to detail. Savor where you have found balance in your relationships with loved ones, friends, business partners and finances. Step up where you haven’t.

As you wash your hands for two minutes, cover your nose and act in accordance for the greater good, instead of feeding the repeated ‘frenzy of fear’ – seize this opportunity to participate in our World Community and have the responsibility to disrupt xenophobia and bigotry in its blatant ignorance.  We are stronger when we stick together and uplift to heal. Remember to express gratitude and utilize kindness with those who’ve stood behind you through all the storms.

The equalized light of day and dark of night open up a “window” in the momentum of time which gives us a special opportunity to go deeper into meditation, awaken our intuition and further realize our dreams and aspirations. Our ancient elders lived within the rhythm of the seasons. Some didn’t even have calendars or time pieces, they lived by the sunrise and sunset. So let yourself go as you take measured risks and then step out boldly into our collective future!

Make certain you take the time to eye the heavens as Luna shudders off into the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere or Fall Equinox of the Southern Hemisphere on the 19th.  A great time to garden as the Moons gravitational pull causes tides to rise and fall and wicks up moisture in the soil providing greater moisture to seeds for better germination in establishing plants. Also a great time to read “Worm Moon” by a great American Poet, Mary Oliver. It is the time to blossom and unfold new beginnings!