Autumnal Equinox Harvest New Moon

Transformation Balance Potential

New Moon – September 28 @ 9:33 PST. 

Whirling wind and torrential rains have dampened the dry heat baying summers end here in the Pacific NW. Busy chipmunks and squirrels scurry speedily filling their storehouses with morsels to savor fall through spring. Berries, left behind from the browsing grouse, deer or bear, hang heavily on limb weighed by fat drops of rain. Give ample time as you drive interstates and roads, for wildlife to traverse like a chain-link with fawn and buck, bustling from the hunter’s arrow or gun.

September’s new moon although dark still within the Harvest season. A new moon represents the end of one 28 day cycle and the beginning of another. It gives forth an invigorating burst of energy and initiative, so it is prodigious to start a new project, set new goals and make resolutions or begin implementing your strategic plan.

The Autumnal Equinox preceding this new moon is auspicious and beckons us to deepen our consideration of who we are, despite the vacillation in our daily lives. So reach into the depths of your singular being to commune and unshackle your heart allowing your creative juices to flow forth to others with a communion of cause.

This moons effects will be particularly strong for the next few weeks weaving the hue and fabric for your coming months. Calling for you to make a plan, and take action with depth and transcendent courage as you peel down the core essence of your being – bare, exposed and uncovered, like the barren limb of the maple tree whose brown-ochre leaves resplendently carpet the ground.

Viewing what lies beneath this veneer is not for the faint of heart. Deeply buried feelings will be exposed so it’s necessary to gain control over your emotions, reactions and intrinsic nature though the quiet, soothing whistle of the wind as it sways and bows insistent on solitude to breath and reflect. Although it will be lighter than during the full moon.

Current planetary alignments may cause extreme polarities of emotion. Dreams can turn into fantasies and suspicion into paranoia. So remember the difference between fantasy and reality to avoid rejection, delusion, gullibility, deception, susceptibility, humiliation and shame. Changeable moods and changeable tastes can lead you astray to lowering of your standards or become disloyal and damage your relationships.

This moon amplifies your susceptibility to act impulsively which may accentuate aggressive instincts, therefore, use self-constraint to keep your anger and addictions in check. Be mindful to moderate if you have a tendency to anger or act without thinking to avoid small irritations from turning into arguments or fights. Get help before you indulge full tilt in your moody sensitivities like hatred, judgey insecurity, delusion, guilt or abject muddled confusion which can lead to poignant conflict in relationships.

The oppositions occurring over this Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox can easily strum one’s inner shadows and pluck at the self-critic, self-doubt, judgements and self-defeating mind with feelings like:

  • What’s the point I suck at everything?
  • I never know what to do so I’ll do nothing.
  • I never get anywhere so why even try?

Don’t let such self-defeating internal-talk defeat any motivation you have assembled. Feel your sorrow, feed your joy and if it still feels meaningless – go deeper…Then relax and go with the flow letting the tide carry you EXACTLY where you need to be.

Instead choose to traverse the current tumultuous waters with faith and devotion trusting in the Infinite: life is ongoing and you don’t always have to know the plan, just step forward with your gut instinct by taking actions that are measured, methodical and courageous.

This is a time to come back to a core place of Trust. Trust yourself – Trust. Balance inaction with action while navigating the frenetics of your life. Make certain to take time for silence and solace for personal reflection.

This rare moon pulls you into deep rivers of emotion. Imparts you to plunge into the quiet & demands you settle the chaos, choosing moments of solitude – indifferent to the oceans of confusion, intolerance & lies.

Family/Relationships/Single: Self-evaluation, rebirth and positive transformation a time to purge any emotional baggage with productive intention. Relish this opportunity for one on one time with your partner or kids to organize, redesign and then donate from closets, cupboards, bedrooms remember the garage or outdoor space may need some spunk or smoothing out. Make certain to reflect and self-measure within before engaging intense personal interaction. Be willing to make changes and be flexible to fluctuating conditions will make things easier for yourself and those around you.

Presently it is clear exactly how you feel about someone and exactly how they feel about you. Also a great time to be mindful and stop destructive tendencies or behaviors. A time for adventure, partying, making love with warmth, romance, happiness and generosity.  Try a weekend getaway somewhere you can collect yourselves and let the earth envelope you with its change of season.

Unsettled moods and changeable tastes can lead you astray into lowering your standards or seduce you to become disloyal which may damage a friendship or end your relationship. An important time to let your relationship evolve to a deeper level or you may have clarity to cut your losses and be free to move on. Your expectations in your intimacy and sex life may be out of touch with reality, so see a couple’s counselor or join a class together to deepen your intimacy, generosity and sensuality.

Singles:  A time for love – good moon for dating, starting a new relationship as this moon entertains sociable loving influences. You could still be feeling strong, sexy, frisky and enthusiastic from the lingering glow of August 30th’s moon avoid a tendency toward impulsive, self-indulgent action that could lead to misunderstanding, embarrassment or accidents. Instead sink deep inside your core – acting then from a place of trust, rely upon faith and set your creative feathers a flight. Moving with precision into the ebb & flow of life, gives energy, initiative and a willingness to take risks. Be certain to moderate your energy and use strategy and forethought to avoid losses and physical or emotional exhaustion.

Job/Business: Wonderful time to make changes, take inventory, reorganize, recycle, shake up or donate those things no longer necessary for success. Your expectations in your career may be out of touch with reality. So refine and rethink what ignites passion within you to bring home the dough. Use forethought and strategically plan as you plunge deep with renewed interest in your current position or business. Try a new approach. You may be feeling your job or business is strong yet avoid a tendency toward impulsive termination, re-org or layoff’s. This could lead to miscalculations, errors and add a strain to long term growth. Opportunities for good fortune and growth exist with this new moon.

Money/Finance: Buckle your seatbelts for a rough ride. The fed lowering rates again is just a false show of strength in a tanking system with no confidence due to markets, banks and mortgage lending on crack. This crash will dump mid-February and this one, definitely plunges worse from the GOP fattening itself upon the deprivation of the elderly, families and middle class since December 2008.

The current administrations purported delusions of grandeur and false propaganda of strength is causing greater impacts to the burgeoning deficit. Use forethought and strategy with purchases before you engage sound investing with the opportunity of well researched in tech, real estate or those start-ups you can thoroughly support.

Although you may be feeling monetarily strong pacify impulsive tendencies with prudent purchases and a tactical plan so as not to lead to financial strain or miscalculations of revenue for third quarter or yearend results. Nail it down now until the rollercoaster financial tsunami passes.

In conclusion:  You might be asking:How can I be alright while the world is a big mess in cheesecloth of confusion, distortion and lies?” or “How can I spend, build or invest when the markets are so volatile and extractive destruction continues everywhere?”

You can’t be ok while the world around you is being aggressively destroyed. Implement actions how little or big wherever you can. Pick your moments to arise and champion causes, purchases or investments you deeply believe in. Come back to a place of trust. Pursue actively only what uplifts you, for by taking that time, you will be a worthwhile advocate for change.

Don’t dare give up under the weight of these unjust realities. Purification by fire is all it is. Focus your phoenix to arise from the ashes into rebirth, renewal, balance & harmony. Reset your dreams in solid motion. Bountiful are those who have taken the time to plant & nourish the seed as well as the soul. Compassion for your & others humanity will be the impetus to compel to Excel & Arise

Great time for self-evaluation, cleansing, resetting & redirection in all aspects of our lives. Relax, Breathe, Let go and Trust that Life has a way of working everything out.

Let faith take root & your dreams will simply manifest. Do whatever you can to change. With that I urge you take a listen (if you live under a rock) to the UN Climate Action Summit plea from Greta Thunberg yesterday:

Engage your senses this harvest, enjoy as you balance solitude and socialness, as a collective or within your communal Tribes to reap all the emotional growth you have sown. This moon’s dynamic is fluid and has enough tension to move and dance you through and around any obstruction. Let harnessed creativity take root and carry your exhilaration forward to change the world. As you hold the tension of opposites call up play inventively to navigate the polarities with greater ease and understanding.

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