No Planet B

Let’s dig deep, root it out and plan for our collective future! We are all on Earth together – I know that’s a moronic statement, I shouldn’t have to state at all. We have every opportunity to change things for Earth right here and now – Together! We all come from the same human race and have collectively destroyed this planet for as long as I can remember!

Nations and corporations will have to respond to what you demand! So forgive and let’s get along and get REAL busy: get your carbon footprint in check ie: Walk, ride your bike rather than drive. Know how much power you use and balance it! Cherish the water you drink, the water you bathe in, the creeks, streams, rivers and ocean. All hold LIFE and must be clean and abundant if we are to thrive. Be mindful of your waste whether that is from your body, food – in your city dump, electronic dump or World garbage. Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Purpose! Many more jobs can be CREATED in recycling – just the overburden of plastics in our oceans & landfills have become a profitable COMMODITY!

Peace is the Revolution, now! Reach out to your city, state, U.S. government and all World governments – please write, call and meet with your elected leaders and implore them to begin today to work for and invest ONLY the well being of the EARTH, it’s inhabitants as citizens – families, children and elders.

There is no Planet B. Insist that ALL start now – clear and unify their focus and detail plans that take imperative actions to heal our air, soils, water, waterways and oceans by investing only in renewable and sustainable farming and communities, utilities, education and schools, courts, businesses and corporations dedicated to: improving and upgrading infrastructures, support citizen’s and families, free open education for all, unified healthcare, scientifically based action plans, free open internet access, apologize, recognize and make retribution to all Indigenous American’s & Tribes: learn from them – holding to our precious natural resources – the earth, air, forests, streams, rivers and oceans, fish, marine and wildlife.

Let’s do whatever it takes to re-ignite genuine human kindness and light our pioneering, innovative strength of spirit to flame broad swift actions. Let’s come together and be the worldwide leaders of renewal, innovation and industry. American’s are #1 polluter on this planet and have been for most of my lifetime! Let’s change that today and throughout the WORLD.

Divided we fall – Unified is our strength. It’s limitless what we can do together moving our dreams into actions that uplift our communities, country and make the world superior for everyone. This powerful new moon calls us collectively to reawaken America to its responsibility and return as world leaders and the superpower we know, hope, believe and dream to be. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

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