How to End violence

Nothing about last week was normal, my heart goes out to our Muslim brothers, sisters & children whose lives were taken and the families that were deeply impacted by hate.

Another act of Terrorism – it’s disastrous that we even have a statistic:

The majority of mass shootings are carried out by white males aged 25 – 64 y/o;

Whether it’s in Sutherland Springs, TX, Las Vegas, NV or Christchurch, NZ. It is heinous and must end.

Please grab anyone you know and take a stand to do whatever is in your power to end the racism and violence. Don’t be desensitized by the repeated media and constant vile policies allowed by our government and this administration here in the U.S. or any other country.

See these situations end and as you view the children, women and people – those affected by this as healed, healthy and whole again. Empowered in their lives again.

You can support the victims and survivors of the detestable Mosque massacres in Christchurch, NZ and also here in the U.S.

Please donate @ (**always vet organizations before you donate).

If you don’t have the funds to donate then volunteer at any local non-violent event. There is an abundance of organization’s worldwide whose sole purpose is to end hate/violence on Gaia.

Find a way to call yourself and those you love into action. Through finding within you and others: tolerance, kindness, gentleness & forgiveness.

Let’s join together – It’s our responsibility to take actions for greater Unity, Peace & Harmony.

“The world will continue to change dramatically but fighting & war can destroy us utterly.

What we need now are the techniques of Harmony. The Art of Peace is required.” Morihei Ueshiba – founder of Aikido

Full Worm Super Moon 3.20.2019

Full Worm Super Moon

Unearth Balance Results

As the wind dusts my cheek with the soft final flakes of snow, I finally see the pebbles appear beneath the rippling snow melt on the front walkway. Let’s begin by peering into the details of the brightest, closest and last super moon of 2019, a Full Worm super moon. Please make certain you take the time to eye the heavens as Luna shudders off in the Spring Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere or Fall Equinox of the Southern Hemisphere. You can see its brilliance two days before, or two days after if you have cloudy skies obscuring your view.

The Equinox being a time where the light of day and the dark of night are equalized. The lull of winter melts away into the earth and the worms turn the deep rich brown readying for seed. The bears awaken from their long hibernation and commence their unwieldy forage. It is the time to blossom into new beginnings!

This Full Worm Moon brings with it a desire for balance and the energy to implement solutions for greater harmony. It also provides you with that extra kick you’ll need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Relationships & Family: This moon gives us “Focus” and more specifically focus on relationships. It may motivate you to put more effort into your personal relationships, which could need a lot of TLC right now. It is finally time to face your life and relationships head on and take care of whatever imbalances that have been overloading the scales. Rather than cut people out of your life, maybe you are willing to simply reach out to them and address the status of your relationship. First truthfully evaluate your responsibilities within the relationship, then approach them in a calm, kind and progressive manner. This position may help you drive things into a healthier place.

Take some time to talk to those people and explain the ways in which their actions have affected your life? Maybe there is something that can be done to alter the relationship through clear communication and sincere honesty.  If you have already pinpointed a noxious relationship but you’ve been putting off cutting the strings – this full moon provides you all the encouragement you need to let go. So sit down and evaluate who helps you attain your highest self and who doesn’t. Time to release those personal relationships that aren’t working for your greatest attainment.

Once you have breathed the life back into the central relationships around you it is vital to shift your focus from “me” to “we”. Once that’s done you can easily open up some time for basic self-care or free flying passions.

Job & Business: Time to take the initiative and ask for that raise or advancement – making certain you have a detailed account of your improvements and projects to back up whatever increases you are asking for. This full moon is a good time to let go of that job that saps your productive essence. Take the risk to jump into the job you dreamed about and flex your ingenuity, creativity or inventive muscles in a new beginning.

It is an essential time to face business relationships and partnerships head on while you take care of whatever business disparities, discrepancies or inequalities that have been tipping the scales. Use simple diplomacy as you manage your negotiations while paying close attention to any details or stated timelines. Now is the time to let go of or relinquish those employees, clients or business partnerships that are not working toward your greatest business success. Initiate these conversations and communicate in a cool, compassionate and open-minded clear and honest way. Time to release those partnerships that are not working.

Be certain to clearly evaluate and take stock.  It is fundamental that you take care of your fiscal responsibilities and then advance your directive. It is a suitable occasion to advance employees or bring on partners who have been diligently showing initiative or to start a new product line. It is also a time to expand your sales force or invest in future projects for this tilling moon delivers that boost of inspiration, reinforcement and progress you may require. At the same time make certain to stay within your means and temper restraint within the parameters of your bottom line.

Money & Finance: Time to organize and manage your money and invest in the future. A slightly stronger market will make you want to spread your financial wings, yet temper your impulse to buy larger items. Instead put money away for a rainy day or for future endeavors. Mortgage rates are very low setting forth a great opportunity to refinance or begin looking into the purchase of that unique home, investment property or set forth plans for new expansion. Show restraint – don’t let the horses out to pasture all at once. Pay close attention to the specific details of agreements, contracts and interests then advance with certainty or hold off till you feel confident for future transactions.

In Conclusion: You will find the clarity to expose what has not been working and the confidence of focus to bring about the solutions and results you have been passionate for. This will last for the next few weeks. So, find the time to go inside and “feel out” your new strengths and your clearer vision of your bright future. Savor where you have found balance in your relationships with loved ones, friends, business partners and finances. Step up where you haven’t. Express gratitude and utilize kindness with those who’ve stood behind you through the storms.

The equalized light of day and dark of night open up a “window” in the momentum of time which gives us a special opportunity to go deeper into meditation, awaken our intuition and further realize our dreams and aspirations. Remember our ancient elders lived within the rhythm of the seasons. Some didn’t even have calendars or time pieces, they lived by the sunrise and sunset. So let yourself go as you take measured risks and step out boldly for your future!

New Worm Moon 3.6.2019

New Worm Moon


As the glistening cold settles and the green of spring’s buds begin peeking through their mantle of snow. This germinating Moon is one of emerging, discernment & excitement. As mentioned before a new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one thus availing you to improved physical, spiritual and enlightening opportunity.  So it’s a good time for making a fresh start, beginning a new project or making changes to your routine or life. This cultivating moon increases your sensitivity, intuition and empathy which can make you more affected by the thoughts and energies of people or the environment that surrounds you.  It is up to you to make it that a positive or negative experience. Be sure to set boundaries. Take the time to detail and solidify your intentions for the coming months as this moon is charmed towards attaining dreams. 

Luna propagates with a pronounced sensitivity that can provide you with openings to delve deeper into yourself for insightful self-evaluation and engage in change. You will find it satiating to absorb yourself in creative, artistic and in service to others in physical or spiritual endeavors. It would be wise to utilize this new moon to unleash your imagination and innovate productively as this new burst of energy insights the initiative to change. In the everyday world, you may struggle to know what is real and unreal. ‘Fake news’ may be a thing you are grappling with! It is very important to stop and take the time to discern what the truth is from what the lies are. 

Mercury is in retrograde as of Tuesday, yet it may be a beautiful retrograde cajoling us into a place of inner silence to savor the clarity of your own quiet.  If you can let go of demanding stark answers, you can then dive into the pool of the collective unconscious and allow your creativity to tell you of its visions and healing utterings. It is a good moon to write down your dreams!

RELATIONSHIPS & FAMILY: This sociable March new moon may bring about an aloof feeling in relationships while it calls you to make a deeper mental connection. Politics may matter more, becoming either the flame that joins you together or the issue that ignites your differences. This can be an isolating time but with a bit of work offering yourself and honestly expressing your feelings, even if it is difficult, goes a long way to maintain a smooth flow in your relationships.

This moon calls you to be loyal and committed while giving your partner the room to grow and some space to breath, be detached but not unloving. It brings with it romance and excitement. A wonderful time to explore the turbulent territory of your deep unconscious mind and what is felt there may provide you with greater insight and clarity. Be certain to communicate clearly and concisely with your family, as retrograde is known for challenges in communication and movement. Think and filter before speaking or taking actions you may regret later.

Give your partner and family some much needed attention and gratitude; as you may have been overwhelmed or focused within these past few months. Take the time to enjoy a sense of togetherness with those you love, after all you have benefited from their kindness and devotion. For singles, take your time in getting to know someone before moving forward to the next date, as flirtation and sexual tension dances in the air. Diligence is imperative as you make certain they are worth a second date.

JOB & BUSINESS: This moon is good time to set yourself apart from the pack, formalize or legitimize a partnership or business endeavor. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic is imperative right now. It is also a great time to start a new business, especially one that is devoted to bettering the planet, its environment or assisting your community for the greater good of all, for this work moon incubates financial rewards. Give your partner, customers and employee’s some much needed consideration and attentiveness; as you may have been overwhelmed or singularly focused in past few months. Take inventory or make investments this quarter making certain to do your homework thoroughly, in an organized manner with efficiency. Be certain to pay attention to the details prior to beginning new projects or endeavors. Cross your “t”s and dot your “i”s as you bounce off in the lure of this glistening moon. Professional advancement and recognition is possible right now, yet understand your own limitations while keeping a positive outlook. It is a good time for new starts, making minor changes in staff, expanding your sales team or bringing in new product for marketing. Whatever you do, let creativity take the lead and make certain your partner, your staff and customers know you sincerely appreciate their loyalty.

MONEY & FINANCE: A great time to make investments or stash the cash this quarter yet make certain to do your homework thoroughly, in an organized and meticulous manner as this is a time of “retrograde”. As stated above, formalize your research, be diligent, sensible and realistic. Still not a time to make large financial purchases or contracts, be patient, the spending/signing green light is coming in the next few months. Financial wisdom brings the patience and self-discipline to forgo short-term gratification for the long-term monetary success.  You will benefit from investing, joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work or groups. 

In Conclusion: You will find the strength, ambition and perseverance to take on your more challenging tasks for the next two weeks. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your goals and clearer view of how they fit into the broader picture. Most of all have compassion and act in gentleness and kindness – as we will all be feeling a little “Sensi” this new moon. Give of yourself in service to those less fortunate – sincere in gesture small or large, find and share your GRATITUDE! This new moon is on a pleasant, agreeable and harmonious star so let go and trust in your higher self as you sashay smoothly through March’s salaciousness.