Full Beaver Moon

        Beaver Full Moon – Preparing for Winter

Beaver Full Moon

This one is called a Beaver Moon because beavers use the light of the full moon to ready and build and their winter dams. It is also called a Frost moon as it comes with the first frosts.

This is one of the best full moons of the year, signaling a time of optimism, expansion, good fortune and exploration. It is truly a seed time for opening to bigger vision. You are still in the current of truth and transformational energy, so it is a splendid time to:

  • Reset your priorities
  • Focus on what is most important to implement
  • Think outside the box
  • Dream something new into your life – be creative and make it authentically you, make it luxuriant and full sized!
  • Clean, clear clutter and organize – like the beaver build your future or like the squirrel stock your winter den.

It is still important to set aside time to grant the opportunity for change and transformation to occur. Instead of over-extending yourself, carve out some time during this full moon to focus on your own inner and emotional wellbeing. Put distractions aside and say no to invitations that feel like obligations rather than a choice. Focus on yourself, your own truth, creativity, what inspires you and your inner direction. This is also a valuable time to continue to clean and clear clutter. Do so without judgement observing where your attachment may feed your resistance to change. A confident time so get some rest to replenish yourself if that’s what you need!

Where the past two months have been transformative, challenging and possibly dark, this full moon brings the light and laughter back to your life. It opens you up to an abundance of new (and better!) opportunities that you may have not dreamt possible. As the opportunities come to you, having set the platform over the past few months, you should be ready to receive. These gifts will be related to previous events, years ago, which have occurred in your life. Events that may have brought with them major restriction and required your deep focus or made it difficult to sustain and build on your passions. This moon will trigger that time and the events that have occurred since then, transforming them into something that you can feel more enthusiastic about.

Job/Business:  A time to review our work and assess where you stand in your current endeavors and where you want to be in your future. Step forward and be introspect by evaluating:

  • Am I on track?
  • Are there holes in my plan?
  • Is this really what I want?

Expect the unexpected, relax & stay centered and this will propel you forward. Remember to carve out plenty of time to get the details and specifics in order. Making certain that you check and re-check, dotting all your i’s & crossing the t’s, so to speak, as this period of time until December 6 – 10, things will fall through the cracks and important and significant things will be easily disrupted or go awry.

Triple check communication – typo’s, texts to the wrong person and the like, Move to mend communication immediately don’t wait. Don’t make any large purchases or sign any contracts. Mercury is in retrograde until the 15th, so prepare for disruptions and keep a sense of humor about things. Remembering pride goth before the fall.

Relationships: This holiday season is suitable for activities like curling up with your partner listening to music, dancing, reading poetry aloud, engage in creative writing, bundle up and take long walk in the crisp silver air.

Communications are best specific, open and mindful. Remembering to put yourself in another’s shoes before commenting on “that new awkward haircut”. Keep your sense of humor well-tuned. Trips and communication can seriously lead to unpleasant drama. A full moon is always a good time to be introspective.

Sharing a nurturing moment where you can steal away together even if it is just for a hot chocolate to watch the rain or snowfall together. Expect the unexpected in relationships as well. You may feel passionate, cheery and impulsive this full moon so put happiness into action. Yet be certain to temper your emotion and gauge your actions. Grab the family and puddle jumpers for a splashy walk or build a snowman to have fun, laugh and play.

Financial: Expect the unexpected with money too. Be aware of costs and paying attention here can do a lot to help propel you forward into a life that is more liberating and authentic. Don’t give in to confusion or feelings of hesitation while you embark on the new journey with foresight and thorough planning. Enjoy the moment while you adjust your perspective in the certainty that better times are ahead. Don’t push issues that aren’t meant to happen right yet.

You are now at the beginning doorway of a magnificent venture. There may be many more months (possibly years) to get moving forward in this venture, so build on top of it and eventually bring it stealth fully to completion. Much needs to happen before then.

Watch spending this season engage in due diligence, checking pricing before you click. Look at an array of items, Keep your receipts as you may need to return items. Get right on the returns for yourself & others. Don’t engage in spender’s remorse – if in doubt leave it out. Ask yourself: Do I actually need this item. Do not go shopping on an “iffy” day. Make certain if you spend it is exactly what you want this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In conclusion – Trips or communication can seriously lead to unpleasant drama So stick to the basics of communication and be extra careful of what you say Check and double check flights, reservations, get your car checked taking precautions will help make travel smoother this holiday season.

As has been the suggestion this fall – take some much needed time for self-care and introspection. This full moon will find you easily provoked – so expect emotionally charged arguments and make a choice to keep your cool and react with rationality when someone does or says something to provoke you. Be easy on others and check inside to make certain you need to make that comment. Listen carefully & if issues come up handle them with an open mind and heart with consideration and clarity.

Choose your words with care – careful to not say anything you don’t mean. Easy on the partying, drugs and alcohol will leave you too vulnerable. The likelihood that you or someone will say or do something that pushes buttons or elicits an emotional response is inevitable – so you will need to work double time to stay cool and maintain healthy boundaries. Prior to going to the office party or accepting an invitation from an old friend – review any red flags, make amends before going. Take the time to go inside yourself and define clear boundaries with an intention to stay out of conflict.

Navigate in your own lane – don’t project your issues onto others and don’t allow them to project their insecurities onto you.

Most of all have compassion and act in gentleness and kindness – as we will all be feeling a little “Sensi” this Winter holiday. Give of yourself in service to those less fortunate – sincere in gesture small or large, GRATITUDE in GIVING!

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