Glorius Humpday


Ever wonder how to make the transition from being exactly who you are and being who you want to be?

#1 Start by giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are!  I know that sounds too simplistic; yet it is very difficult for many people to accept and present themselves in actuality to their “outer world”. Standing absolutely in the truth of who they are.  We tend to be who we want others to think we are, who we would like to be mirroring those around us or who we hope to be viewed as, in any given moment.

I am sure you have heard the term: “be your authentic self” tossed around a lot in the past few years, across varied milleu’s, not just evolutionary environments.  Who is your “authentic” self?  For anyone having difficulty bringing their “authentic self” to the forefront. Below are a few techniques when practiced as suggested, will help you to go within and begin to identify your “authentic self”.

#2. Spend time alone Engaging in what You love.  Take time unplugged from your phone, computer and all media.  It is important to explore yourself and the physical world around you.  Finding out what is you, what you feel, what sensations you love. To know what it is that brings you happiness and joy; not just that fed to you by your gadgets. Explore the world around you engaged in sensations you love at least three hours a week will help you begin to know what brings you happiness away from all the gadgets, media and noise of humanity. This will give you an opportunity to begin to understand and feel who you are.

#3. Feel inside your body at your belly button and naval. It is important to feel, not think, what the feeling is inside of your belly button, naval and pelvic floor. Most tend to think and rarely feel unless there is some sort of upset or trauma.  If your mind is running you are NOT feeling. Take the time to savor the feeling of your joy and happiness. Many do not feel their true emotions at all. They live in a world of reactionary emotion. For instance reacting to something someone said or didn’t say to them. Then the mind tends to knaw on it round and round. We are all a bundle of organic tissue that thinks or numbs out through life, plugged in yet forgetting to appreciate and explore the very being that we are.

#4. Once in true FEELING only then can you begin to know who you are and expand Yourself into Your “authentic self” and who You want to be.  Relax if it has taken you this long to breath and get to know the true feelings of you, the sensations and experiences that live inside your naval and pelvic floor. It will take time even more time and application to bring forward your “authentic self”. Don’t expect the miracle of you to happen in a flash. Breath and commit yourself to just three hours per week to find yourself inside your glorious form!

#5. Be consistent and constant in applying yourself to who you want to be in your authentic self. Set aside specific time to feed the inner you. When you awake or just before you go to sleep are wonderful opportunities for these exercises. Be quiet, take time to sit or move quietly and feel the inside of you, no thoughts, no mind, absorbed only in your sensations of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Our human nervous system is such an amazing apparatus

Techniques I suggest:  

  • Make a list and engage often in the things you like to: see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Minimum of five to start with then add to your list and revisit it often. Your sensations will change as you unplug and begin to feel more. Those things you like will change as well, so do the list again every six months or so.
  • Stand facing yourself in front of the mirror for minimum of 10 minutes and write down what you feel while looking into your own eyes.  Face the man or woman in the mirror – this will bring you to your “authentic self”.
  • Walk outside in nature indulging your sensations and exploring the world around you. Nature always reflects purely and taking the time to feel what lives inside you will increase your awareness of yourself and the natural beauty that surrounds you.
  • Keep a journal of your experiences and let me know how it is working for you. I am interested!

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photo courtesy of Beatrix Potter